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“This is a once-off exception to general regulations. No folding chairs will be permitted at any other event’

Vital planning ahead of concerts by Grace Jones, 70, next Monday and Bryan Ferry, 72, next Thursday at Trinity College Dublin.

Those going to Gavin James on Saturday will have to stand and frug.

That’ll learn them.

Thanks Vinnie Highway.



From top: Grace Jones poster; Seatwave logo


No favours.

Peter Prunty writes:

Trying to contain my rage as I type. I’ve often heard friends snip about the dubious mechanics of our main ticket retailer Ticketmaster, but I’ve never had much truck with them myself….until now!

Tickets for the utterly fabulous Grace Jones went on sale this morning at 9am. Having witnessed Our Lady’s previous two apparitions in Ireland in recent years, I logged in (at 8.58am) to purchase tickets.

Nervously I waited for the link to appear, as William’s Blood blared in the background. 9am….click. Nothing.

The only tickets available were Upper Circle. Surely there must be some mistake. I know Our Lady is a goddess but could the show really have all but sold out in less than a few seconds.

Disheartened, I was resigned to my fate..

But just as I was about to log off, I noticed that the good folk of Ticketmaster, while not being able to sell me a ticket, had a very helpful link to their sister website, Seatwave, where I could purchase tickets….for over double the asking price.

Seatwave to be clear is a Ticketmaster company, who allow ticket holders to resell tickets for well over retail price, for which Seatwave and by extension

Ticketmaster receive a handsome commission. So Ticketmaster are benefiting on the double off the backs of artists (and goddesses) and tainting their reputation. Outrageous…and in the case of Our Lady, I’d argue near blasphemous.

Alas, being of meagre means, I was not able to afford the double price tickets. So if any of your readers find themselves with a couple of tickets going spare (and at a reasonable rate) I would dearly appreciate it. And I’m sure Our Lady would approve.

Grace Jones tickets (Ticketmaster)