Sweep Stakes


Bruno writes:

Dublin City Council road sweeper completely taking the piss with this road sweeping job. The driver drove up the street in the photo, did some manoeuvre that ensured he completely missed the left hand corner before sauntering back down the road on the opposite side. Waste of time much?

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29 thoughts on “Sweep Stakes

    1. Cian

      hanging is too good for him. he should be made moderate all comments on journal.ie for two days!!

  1. Airey Naïve

    What a loser – spying on DCC public road sweepers. Tell you what, instead of spying and snooping why not sell your drone and phone on donedeal.ie, buy a sweeping brush and clean up your own neighbourhood.


    1. Airey Naive

      Drone, more likely.

      Nothing else to do until the TCD supplemental examinations start obviously. Electric Picnic hell has come early.

  2. Tony

    Ah Bodger. Did you just post this nonsense so that The BS commenters could give poor oul innocent Bruno a kicking? A bit unkind in fairness now

  3. scottser

    bruno obviously not able to finish his onanism as a result of this shocking dereliction by the DCC worker.
    nice monkey puzzle tree in the front garden on the left though.

    1. Frilly Keane

      at least there’s no kids playing on the street
      so we’ve avoided the Letter of Complaint process that seemed it might be a thing for Summer ’18

      so there’s that

    1. bertie blenkinsop

      Looks like Distillery Road looking onto Clonliffe Gardens to me
      (misspent youth etc)

  4. Grace

    Ah look at all the parked cars on the footpath – sure go ahead and park there – its not like anyone else will be using them. Kids, wheelchair users, people with buggies, who cares? They can use the road can’t they.

    (also this is the most pointless story i’ve ever seen on broadsheet. Was it a “you had to have been there” moment?)

      1. kellMA

        interesting point. Parking on the footpaths means restricting the paths for wheelchair users and buggies etc. However, if they all parked on the road then emergency services would not have a chance to fit down the road. Should they have a double yellow on one side maybe?

  5. Huey Luas on the News

    Looks like taxi-driver hell. Note the traffic cone further up the street to “reserve” the parking spot. From the angle towards the Poolbeg generating station towers anyone’s? D7? We need directions for the burning pitchfork team.

    Bruno still needs to get over himself though.

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