29 thoughts on “The Pride Of Parnell Street

    1. Anomanomanom

      Sure plenty of room on that for another person. And bigger than most bedsits and its rent free.

      1. dav

        @anomanomanom – with that discretion you’ve ensured it’ll be sold by the government to a vulture fund – at a considerable discount of course!

    2. Anomanomanom

      And you mean Peter McVerry who houses violent rapists and junkies.Its his fault he houses those people over decent people who need help.

      1. dav

        yes, the homeless need to 1st processed so they can be deemed to be deserving of help versus those who’s homlesness is a just punishment of crimes. Perhaps we should microchip them after their “status” is decided upon. If only that selfish Peter McVerry did that at the very start would the homelessness crisis be solved..

        1. Anomanomanom

          I did reply dav, but it didn’t post or wasn’t allowed. Homeless people needing help are not the same as rapists who are homeless because the committed a horrendous crime. I could go into the actually details of what he did but I think maybe that’s why my reply wasn’t posted or maybe I didnt hit send last time. Regardless scum like that shouldn’t have resources wasted on them. When people are sleeping on a mattress in the street.

          1. dav

            and such a person is clearly identifiable, due to the horns on his/her heard and their Supernumerary (aka third) nipple, which Fr Peter McVerry should have searched for before offering help. I can NOIT believe he was so stupid, how did he not see….

          2. dav

            what? there’s an easier method of identifying convicted rapists who are accessing homeless services from a non government organisation????

      2. Nigel

        Are you talking about halfway houses for people out of jail? Smearing someone by association for this kind of charity is vile.

        1. Anomanomanom

          I’m not smearing anyone. It was an apartment in a block with plenty of women and children around. Yet no one was informed of this scum being there. People like you who think Violent rapists should be house near families are VILE.

          1. Nigel

            Much bettet to let them out on the streets where there are no families or women or children and no way to keep track of them.

          2. Nigel

            And you are smearing him. If your problem isn’t halfway houses but proper consultation about their location, then say so.

          3. Anomanomanom

            It wasn’t a half way house. Its a permanent place to live. He only went because someone seen it in the paper and smashed the windows. He’d still be living there otherwise. And no house scum like that in a hole in the ground, oh but can’t do that and let decent citizens live in peace. No we have to help these poor souls.

          4. Nigel

            Right. Stupid mob stuff like this is why they don’t do proper consultation, which doesn’t make it right, in fact it makes things worse, but there you go.

      3. Ian-O

        I’d hardly call myself a practicising Christian, but isn’t part of Fr. McVerry’s faith that he helps all people, not just the ones we view as being more deserving? I would of course prefer that ordinary, decent ‘working poor’ with families are provided for first but like Brother Kevin, he isn’t supposed to judge others, just help the needy.

        If only more of the so called Christians were as colour/race/religion/asset blind as these two and all the other anonymous people who volunteer their time!

  1. Murtles

    Shhh it’ll be on Daft within the hour, €650 per month, near shops and bus stops, great views.
    Although this looks like an opportunistic late night reveller than a homeless person (just going by they’ve no belongings).

  2. harboner

    since when did taking photos of homeless people and putting them on the internet become acceptable

    1. Liam Deliverance

      What was your intention with this picture Michael, was it comedic or had you a more serious point to make.

    2. dav

      Yes,yes, pointing out our governments’ failure and our homelessness crisis must not be tolerated. Everything is fine, the emperors clothes look marvellous..

      1. Ian-O

        The guy is not readily identifiable, so I would imagine its OK to show the image to highlight the ongoing in my opinion? He may be an addict passed but I don’t know.

        We need more images like this on an ongoing basis until something is done – we cannot have a functioning republic if we are not at the very least making a serious effort to bring everyone along.

        Not everyone can be helped, many homeless people suffer from varying degrees of mental illness, but much of that is caused by their situation as opposed to it causing their homelessness.

        But sticking your head in the sand has yet to be shown to be an effective strategy in any endeavour.

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