A Limerick A Day


Independent Alliance Minister Shane Ross has suggested a child-minding ‘Granny grant’

Shane Ross, who’s an honourable man
Will slip a few quid to your nan
It’s important to note
That most old people vote
Though that’s nothing to do with this plan

John Moynes


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5 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. KellMA

    I’d rather they just gave tax credits for people paying for childcare… all this tip tapping at the edges without addressing the problem properly is tiresome…

    1. Spud

      Such a ridiculous idea and story, I’d agree with many it’s just a cheap shot to divert attention from much bigger issues – Cervical check etc…
      It’s currently the main story on indo.ie
      Says is all really!

  2. Jeffrey

    As if this was the problem… What planet are they on? After the “lets give print press millions” now they want to give money to people who have nothing to do with the childcare issues facing parent today – mainly that creches are for some as much as their mortgage each month!

  3. Brian O'Brien

    If your granny should find herself short
    When she’s buying her brandy and port,
    She should give them a shout
    And they’ll soon sort her out –
    The Department of Transport and Sport.

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