‘It Genuinely Changed Me”


Last week, with a twenty five euro Golden Disc voucher on offer we asked you to name your most euphoric festival moment.

One ‘reveller’ stood above the mosh pit.

Boj wrote:

“My most euphoric festival moment was watching Daft Punk performing Alive at Oxygen 2007 because it was a complete eye-opener which genuinely changed me. Up until then I was completely quite conservative and against the whole festival thang.

That weekend however, I ‘flipped the lid’ and ‘went large’ BIG TIME! I got completely (over) engrossed by the whole experience, everything that could happen to someone at a festival, happened to me that weekend. It basically taught me…not to care!!!

Stuff robbed, tent burned, car tires burst/windows smashed, lost friends, found friends, lost everyone. No wallet, no memory, no cop-on. I crowd dived, I did drugs, I had sex and I danced. It was simply fantastic.”

In fairness.

Runners up:

Homelands, 1999

$hifty writes:

“My most euphoric festival moment was watching Underworld performing at the first Homelands gig in Mosney 1999, because it was the first ever proper dance music festival in the country, and Irish people just weren’t at all prepared for it.

There were lads wearing shoes and shirts, birds in dresses and miniskirts and basically three quarters of the crowd were dolled up like they were going to an 8 hour long nightclub.

At one stage, late in the evening, I overheard some youngwan lamenting the fact she was going to have to dump her 6-inch high heels cos they were getting stuck in the muck, were too manky to clean properly and were pretty much useless.

The train journey home was surreal, it looked like the waiting room in Beetlejuice.”

Forbidden Fruit, 2011

seanydelight writes:

“My most euphoric festival moment was watching Flaming Lips performing at Forbidden Fruit (the first time – 2011) because we’d shimmied our way to the front and as I turned around to see the crowd behind, the huge multi coloured balloons that Wayne Coyne was throwing from the stag were starting to pop – they were filled with glitter confetti, and the sun was setting in the west behind them (the way the stage faced at that time).

I never listened to the Flaming Lip before that moment. Magic. When I turned back the stage was full of dancing Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz characters. Think they opened with Race for the Prize, but can’t remember that bit. Also he done this….Total showman! Blew me away!”

Witnness, 2003

DaithiG writes:

“My most euphoric festival moment was Richie Hawtin performing at Witnness in 2013 because I’d just been arrested for smoking hash but they never found the two yokes buried with the lint deep in my pocket. Mug shot taken, Lecture given,Double drop and straight to the dance tent NOT GIVING A F**K!!”


Feile, 1992

Niallo writes:

“Has to be Primal Scream at Feile who came back on in Semple Stadium after the last act finished when most people had left and did what seemed like a 2 hour set with Andy Weatherall.

Really caught a lot of people on the hop as this whole “DJ” thing was still relatively new, was the most chilled out yet engaged and uplifting gig i have ever witnessed, and I’ve seen Ray Charles playing to a crowd in Wexford who had no idea who he was and were instantly converted, but that’s another story entirely.

I mention Primal Scream’s unscheduled gig in Thurles as it only just eclipsed the first time i seen them in the National Stadium, that was a strange experience, the crowd was a mix of ravers, punks, bikers, students, old hippies, mods and all points in between. It was strange  watching them all in their own little groups melt into each other as Screamadelica melted the barriers between them. Come together indeed :o”

Thanks all.

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6 thoughts on “‘It Genuinely Changed Me”

  1. dav

    That really was an excellent competition.
    I should have mentioned climbing up on the Hariri Krishna tent in Felie 93 in Cork. I got away with it, but my mate got aught and got a few slaps for his trouble.. Also Kylie Minogue became sexy and it was the last time the stone roses played.. good times..

    1. rotide

      They were very good times alright but they were in 1995 not 1993

      (Also, Not sure what you meant about “the last time the stone roses played” but that was actually the first time they had played live in 5 years and also they’ve played here since that )

  2. rotide

    I was at all the gigs Niallo mentioned and I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that he meant to say Waterford and not Wexford with regards to Ray Charles. He headlined Fleadh Mor which was the absolute best festival that made no money ever.

    1. Niallo

      Rotide, you have correctly highlighted my appaling sense of geography :)
      It was indeed the fleadh mor, still have the program someplace, i actually had a backstage pass for it and seen shane mcgowan very drunk, bob dylan ignoring everyone, and van morrison being important and the glam tarts being glam tarts.

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