Presidential hopeful Jimmy Smyth before Meath County Council this morning

Fair play.

Presidential hopefuls to pitch three county councils for nomination (Irish Examiner)

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Taking An Axe To The Aras

Pic: LMFM Radio


Mícheál Lehane, of RTE, reports:

A formal order for the Presidential Election may be signed as early as tomorrow.

…Should this happen, the opening date for nominations to contest the election would be Thursday, 30 August, nominations would then close on 26 September. 

RTÉ News understands that a final decision still has to be made on what day the election will take place. It will be either Thursday, 25 October or Friday, 26 October.

Formal order for Presidential Election may be signed tomorrow (RTE)

21 thoughts on “Jimmy!

  1. Ollie Cromwell

    Judging by the leather wristband and chain he looks to have come straight from an all-night S&M session with the Pope.

    1. Jimmy Smyth

      Right HERE, MF.
      Thats a watch. And the bracelet is a memento from a dead friend in Detroit.
      Get a girlfriend.

      1. Ollie Cromwell

        You look like the oldest swinger in town you muppet.
        And that town is Deadwood Gulch.
        Get off your horse and drink your milk pardner.

        1. Ollie Cromwell

          Mind you it wouldn’t be a proper democracy if every election didn’t have a Lord Buckethead joke candidate.

          1. Jimmy Smyth

            We dont know each other. But im out HERE. Doing stuff. Youre…there…doing, yano, whatever.
            I really, REALLY dont have time -or inclination- to get into pointless ad hominem discussions with anonymous snipers, sitting around in their semen ridden, shattered underwear, probably in their mother’s basement. So. Sirrah, I shall bid you adieu! I have important stuff to take care of.
            Now. WHICH room did I leave the coke and hookers in…ho hum.

          2. Ollie Cromwell

            The room in your house which says the Eighties went thataway.
            You know,the one where you keep all your hit record.

  2. Rep

    Is BS going to mention Gemma’s interview in the Sunday Business Post or do we just pretend that it didn’t happen?

  3. dennis

    Catherine corless
    Peter mc verry
    We need candidates of this calibre
    Not third rate x factor types

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