‘Students Would Be Better Off Taking Out A Mortgage’


Aaron Burke, president of GMIT Students’ Union, and Megan Reilly, president of NUI Galway Students’ Union

This afternoon.

NUI Galway Students’ Union and GMIT Students’ Union write:

“As luxury student accommodation appears across the city, it seems students would be better off taking out a mortgage instead of renting in the current climate.

“Today, NUI Galway Students’ Union and GMIT Students’ Union have strongly criticised prices of ‘luxury’ student accommodation popping up across the city.

“This comes after new student accommodation has been advertised on the market at €250 per week in the city centre and from another complex directed towards students on Bohermore at a price of €200 per week.

“…Both unions, together with the One Galway Movement, are planning a Crisis Campout in Eyre Square on Tuesday the 11th of September to shed light on the need for purpose built student housing and social housing in general.”

Thanks Joanna Brophy

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8 thoughts on “‘Students Would Be Better Off Taking Out A Mortgage’

  1. postmanpat

    Or you could have rich culchie parents that actually do own property in the city where they attend college and get stay there for free. plus clam every student grant going pretending they have to travel . Get said grant as a lump sum in May/June and use the money to go on a work holiday in San Diego for 3 months.

  2. thefatlad

    As I’ve said before, this seems to be about getting students to take out massive loans. Happens in other countries and is crippling for their future.

    I pass by the accommodation being built in Grangegorman every day and its baffling to think how a student is suppose to afford these places.

  3. postmanpat

    Don’t go to college , everything is free on the internet anyway. or college abroad outside of the Anglosphere and where the system doesn’t blindly copy the US, getting kids into debt and destroying there lives. Getting 100k into debt, training for an obsolete job that wont exist? No thanks.

    1. Pat

      That comment is the most convincing case for third level education I have ever seen. Fair play postman!

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