A Second Bite


Mr Gallagher was asked why he is making a second bid for the presidency but refused to answer, saying he is not doing any media interviews until after he gets the nomination to run.

Businessman Sean Gallagher confirms second bid for presidency (Newstalk)

Earlier: A Limerick A Day



Mr Gallagher has tweeted himself on the matter…


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70 thoughts on “A Second Bite

      1. Anomanomanom

        I’ve nothing personal against Higgins. But like with any politician who speaks lies to get the votes, which Higgins did, I tend to never vote for them again. Yes it leaves my options dwindling constantly but I’d rather that than constantly voting for liars.

        1. rotide

          Are people not allowed to change their mind in your perfect black and white world?

          People who actually lied are better than people who ‘lied’ in your little world?

          1. Anomanomanom

            Not if its to ride the gravy train. Why is it when people like a politician its “can they not change their mind” but when they don’t like them its “typical lying politician”. Its funny how that works.

          2. rotide

            and vice versa Anom.

            Can you substantiate that Miggeldy is only running to ‘ride the gravy train’? You can’t. You’ve just decided that this is the case, so he must be lying.

          3. bisted

            …whatever his motives for running again, his run is disingenuous also in that he claims to be an independent when everyone knows he is a labour party candidate…

      2. dennis

        What gets me is the neck
        Higgins quote I will repay cost of staff used in aras for my campaign
        So its big of him misappropriating staff using them on the time paid by taxpayer for other roles which are nothing to do with what they were employed for, and he will reimburse who?
        Its just one example of since of entitlement lack of honesty and corrupt practice
        And he is the best of this bunch of chancers eyeing up the 300000 plus job plus house and expenses

          1. Anomanomanom

            Would he have done so if he was actually retiring and didn’t have to worry about hurting is chances if it “leaked” out.

          2. dennis

            To be honest none will attract my vote
            So I will not vote
            Anyway the world will not collapse and Mickey Dee will get i
            The point is as anoman states
            Its most probably a case of Mickey Dees most probably ensuring no candidate can dig up the dirt
            Which makes it worse

        1. BobbyJ

          You’re part of the problem so, I despair that anyone would even consider voting for the FF Bagman

          1. Anomanomanom

            What problem? So keeping someone in power who guaranteed it was just for one term, so a liar, is not a problem for you?

          2. Nigel

            If changing his mind about running again is the worst thing you can say against him you’ve little to be complaining about.

          3. Anomanomanom

            I’ve never said I’d vote him, this started by saying ” anyone but Higgins” and all the FG bottom lickers jumped on Gallagher. If it was sponge bob square pants over Higgins I’d be happy.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Or an Iona shill?

      Or some dimwit who loves trump and will dress as Marilyn Monroe?

      Or a bigoted antivaxxer?

      Seriously? Fianna Fail’s bagman over Miggledy?

      1. A Person

        Do you not think that Twee has become increasingly useless over his term – see his number of personal appearances decreasing over the last 7 years. Can he sustain another 7 years. I don’t think so.

    2. Andrew

      The worst thing about Higgins for me was the lionising of Castro. it’s a reminder of where he comes from. The Corbyn school of dictator/terrorist apologia.
      An intellectual pygmy despite what our useless sycophantic media try to paint him as.
      He had very little to say about Mário Soares who deserved more plaudits than Castro from the likes of Higgins.

    1. Anomanomanom

      While I’m not particularly a fan of Gallagher, a murderer showing unproven allegations at him is not really prove of anything.

        1. JIMMY THE HAT

          If they were unproven you think he’d have said – “That never happened.” instead of “IF I got a cheque it was made out to Fianna Fail HQ”

          He was a bagman for them and tried to hide it.


          1. Anomanomanom

            I just want to get this straight, I personally won’t be voting for him, but the fact he did something years ago that all and I mean ALL business men did then (lick FF bottom) is not as important to me as Higgins lying blatantly just to get the votes.

          2. Daisy Chainsaw

            Higgins did something years ago that you’re holding against him now, but you don’t hold something agains Bagman that he did years ago. I don’t get your logic.

          3. Anomanomanom

            Higgins did it to get,and now try keep, the position he has a president. Why do you all keep jumping on Gallagher. No where did I say “he has to win”, I’ll vote who I prefer, if Higgins doesn’t win&my preference does great. If Higgins doesn’t win and its not my preference who takes then for me thats ok as well.

  1. hapfff

    the only serious contender to MDH. but still can’t see him winning

    if MDH is to be beaten, then it is possible that candidate hasn’t been announced yet

      1. hapfff

        strange they haven’t announced Ni Riada yet. probably the bang of anti-vax not testing well? wonder will SF go with Adams in the end

        1. The Old Boy

          Adams has been denying that he will seek or accept the nomination to run as the SF candidate for president with such unqualified certainty that I can’t help feeling it’s going to happen.

          Speaking as a life-long, dyed-in-the-wool, implacable opponent of Sinn Féin, I think Gerry Adams would look positively statesmanlike compared to most of the risible fools who are putting themselves forward as worthy of the highest office in the land.

          1. thomas

            Imagine the president of our nation being involved in an organisation that murdered many ,whose family was involved in sexual abuse.
            And even better involved in an organisation with blood on its hands

  2. Barry the Hatchet

    He refused to answer pertinent questions put to him by the media? Well, that’s a good start.

  3. spudnick

    Just can’t understand what makes this fella feel distinguished for the highest office in the land. It’s as if your ordinary but capable line manager in a sedate office job announced he was descended from Haile Selassie and was in fact next in line for the throne in Ethiopia

  4. b

    Gallagher got caught in a lie saying he didn’t do any work for FF in a while,it was a nasty trick but that done for him and it was mainly his own fault. He’s jobs jobs schtick worked in 2011 but not sure he’s relevant now as a candidate

    It’s curious he’s still being attacked for connections to FF though? Does Mary-Lou get a free pass on that?

  5. Amorphous Kerry Blob

    RTE have been buttering him up for so long since he took legal action, he’s forgotten that he admitted on live TV that he was an FF bagman.

    He seems to think he was redeemed by the fact that was tricked into admitting it. He still admitted it.
    If the Irish electorate fall for this ‘I was tricked’ obfuscation, I’ll start to think very little of them. (And I’m from a county that elected the Healy-Raes.)

  6. CD

    All hail the Seantaran! This planet is now property of the Sontaran Empire. Surrender your women and intellectuals.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Fupp you! Implying women aren’t intellectuals. I will have nothing to do with your Empire: it sounds GAK.

  7. Otis Blue

    Gallagher seems emboldened by his experience the last time and I reckon that he’s done his homework this time round. It depresses me to think that he could rattle this.

    And as emboldened as Gallagher might be, it will be interesting to see how chastened RTE are likely to be given the significant financial settlement that they made to Gallagher. It’s kid gloves now.

    Expect cautIon and a damp squib debate this time around. All of which may well suit Gallagher.

  8. dennis

    To be honest none will attract my vote
    So I will not vote
    Anyway the world will not collapse and Mickey Dee will get i
    The point is as anoman states
    Its most probably a case of Mickey Dees most probably ensuring no candidate can dig up the dirt
    Which makes it worse

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