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This morning.

At Custom House in Dublin.

Presidential candidate Sean Gallagher, accompanied by his wife Trish and children Bobby and Lucy (top), lodged his election nomination papers.

He went on to tell awaiting reporters that he won’t be taking part in a presidential debate on RTÉ Radio One’s News at One on Thursday because President Michael D Higgins cannot attend due to a pre-existing commitment.

Jack Power, in The Irish Times, reports:

Submitting his nomination forms this morning, Mr Gallagher said he would not be participating in the debate due to President Higgins’ absence, in the interest of “fairness” that all candidates be available to take part.

The “situation could easily have been avoided had RTÉ contacted the office of the President to find out if indeed the President was available on these scheduled dates”, Mr Gallagher said.

“Perhaps what we do now is not concentrate on this debate, but on the lessons that can be learned going forward, to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.”

Seán Gallagher confirms he will not take part in first presidential debate (Jack Power, The Irish Times)

Kinlan Photography via Rollingnews

Presidential hopefuls at Kerry County Council including (right to left) Gavin Duffy, Jimmy Smyth, Gemma O’Doherty and William Delaney

This lunchtime.

On RTÉ Radio One’s News at One.

Paschal Sheehy reported from Kerry where several presidential hopefuls addressed county councillors – including journalist Gemma O’Doherty – in a bid to secure a nomination for the presidency.

Before playing a clip of Ms O’Doherty speaking to members of the media, Mr Sheehy told show host Claire Byrne:

“Gemma O’Doherty is running on an anti-corruption platform. Now, she refused to discuss with us, afterwards, her reason for raising, sorry..she refused to discuss with us her allegation that Veronica Guerin had been murdered by the State. But she did go into the reasons why she is running for a nomination for he presidency with us.”

Ms O’Doherty then said:

“Well, I believe that the Irish people are greatly concerned about the toxic culture of corruption and cronyism that has infested our state. And I think there is huge concern about the fact that their taxes are being squandered by this government on a daily basis. I feel an awful lot of citizens have been denied the right to truth and justice. They have great concerns about the functioning of our criminal justice system.

“They feel they have been denied the right to a decent healthcare system, to affordable housing. I’m greatly concerned about the crisis of homelessness in our state and really I think that people feel that there’s a disconnect between the political elite, the media and citizens on the ground.

“And these are the areas that I want to raise and I believe that the presidency can be a sanctuary for people who feel disenfranchised and feel alienated from the governing elite in this country.”

Listen back in full here.


Top Pic: Kerry County Council

Mr Gallagher was asked why he is making a second bid for the presidency but refused to answer, saying he is not doing any media interviews until after he gets the nomination to run.

Businessman Sean Gallagher confirms second bid for presidency (Newstalk)

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Mr Gallagher has tweeted himself on the matter…


Michael D Higgins at the Presidential election count in Dublin Castle, November 11, 2011



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Kills foxes too.

Tally oh.

Duffy says he would be a different president to Trump (RTÉ)

Gavin Duffy defends hunting role as he seeks presidential nomination (Irish Times)

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