It Should Have Been Cake


Tyrone-born Imelda on last night’s ‘Great British Bake-Off’

The Great British Bake-off returned on Channel 4 last night.

Watched by a happy, if crumb-laden, Frilly Keane

Frilly writes:

Talk about shifting it up, Biscuit week trading places with Cake week! I think I would have coped better if they redecorated the tent.

Admittedly I did have an uncomfortable inkling on Monday when I retweeted Bake Off’s official little vid for shortbreads and wondered weakly why t’wasn’t a cake recipe when I did the 1 sleep to go thing.

As with other years, I purposefully do not follow all the online chatter about Bake Off, simply because I prefer to go into each heat completely ignorant and open minded, and will continue that same policy this year. I only  follow the Hollywood @judgebakeoff as a vocational obligation, and now in recent weeks @BritishBakeOff; and I will endeavour to keep it at just that.

So, week 1, Bikkies. Firstly, the opening Bake to the Future didn’t work for me and I hope we’re spared these uncomplimentary intros over the next 9 weeks, but I doubt it; there I’ve said it.
Secondly, remind yourselves of my view on Biscuits.

I do think doing Biscuits on week 1 was unfair and it should have been cake; if they really wanted to shuffle the formula a bit, maybe put Bread week ahead of Cake. They are the main occupation of the home baker and that’s what we should have been allowed  to consider from all 12.

The Technicals in particular, have always introduced something we, the home baker, have either not known of or even considered attempting; so last night;s Wagon Wheels, was a great opportunity to try something we’ve only ever shop bought and try and make it smart and artisan.

OK it’s not for a beginner, but Biscuits aren’t anyway, so if you’re nervous use Stacy’s fluff recipe  from last year’s Bikkie week.

One more bites from the bakes last night; boiled & shifted egg yolk in shortbread? Yep, I’ll give that a go meself so thank you Briony .

So, what of the contestants;  There’s France-born Manon . She’d been on a cooking show before. I never saw it, I never heard of it, so I’m comfortable saying she’s one to watch.

Ruby  was trying too much to be a character but isn’t irritating; Yet. And isn’t it great to have a flake back in the tent?  I also think Kim-Joy is one to watch.

I’m currently predicting another Win for the Girls; although Tyrone girl Imelda had to go last night. (Might be a sign of things to come in Croke Park there, Shayna?)

Overall, I think we’re in for a great season, although I’m very unsure about Vegan Week. Yep it’s a thing. No Handshakes, but I definitely got a sense that this year The Hollywood appears to have got attached to all the bakers.

I just wish Pru would shurr’up about calories tho’.

Frilly Keane can be followed on Twitter: @frillykeane

Monday: And We’re Bake

Pic: Channel4


Tasty, in fairness.

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33 thoughts on “It Should Have Been Cake

    1. millie st murderlark

      I really feel sorry for the people who have to sit and listen to you whinge but you know, that’s life.

      I think what I’m trying to say is, get over it.

    2. rotide

      Opinions are like bottomyboops Dermie, everyone has one and it’s shortsighted and silly to boopity boop other peoples tastes in entertainment when yours are probably as unfathomable to us.

      I am completely bereft of any notion of how people derive enjoyment from this but each to their own and this is wildly popular so I accept that I’m just not on board the zeitgeist here.

      Having said that, I’d guess that if it was an Irish thing, It would be second behind [insert chat show host of choice here] as the main reason why RTE is LITERALLY Hitler

      1. Frilly Keane

        it must be terrible being you Rottie
        being force fed Bake-Off
        and then made to open up this thread
        and make you comment

        we should set up a Broadsheet Survivors group
        just for you

        1. rotide

          You should probably
          read my comment and realise
          I defended it

          I personally
          don’t enjoy it very much
          but others do, cool.

          1. Frilly Keane

            Maybe realise you’re actually on
            and returned to
            the Bake Off thread Rottie

            I can understand getting landed with it on the Telly last night
            Like, trying t’ be a good boy n’ all

            But iif it’s of no interest t’you
            Why bother pulling down the column at all?
            And keep coming back t’ it

            Are yer nerves at ya

            Seriously lad
            Get yerself checked out

          2. rotide

            I just happened to
            click on the thread by pure chance
            saw dermie type poo

            in fairness the rest of
            the thread has a few laughs too,
            not a wasted read

  1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    1. Noel’s hair is horrendous.
    2. Briony looks like the actress from Motherland.
    3. I didn’t particularly warm to Ruby.
    4. Kim-Joy was a bit tryhard fey.
    5. There wasn’t any standout likable one for me but I guess that will change.
    6. I’m delighted it’s back.

    1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

      6 points !!!!
      No no no
      that’s too random
      3 points or 10
      this is arbitrary and unfinished
      more points please

          1. millie st murderlark

            Is it not may all your biscuits burn?

            (if the reference you’re making is what I think it is)

          2. millie st murderlark

            Sorry, wasn’t trying to be pedantic. Just curious if you were referencing calcifer.

          3. Frilly Keane

            Ah Janie
            wtf girl

            ya never wish bad on a batch in the oven
            no matter who they are

            tell ye wha
            I blame all this anti vax conspiracy infighting here for ye bad moods

            this presidential is bringing out the worst in ye

    2. FrillBake

      re: 5
      its always difficult to connect with them at this stage ’cause the time is shared with 11 others
      its usually bread week that does it
      so maybe next week

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        True. It always happens. I’m going with *don’t look at her arm!* Briony for now.

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