Getting Alan’s Eye Back In The Sky


From top: Carlow Weather guy Alan O’Reilly; his broken drone

We’re calling it the Alan Parsons O’Reilly Project.

Much-followed Carlow Weather guy Alan O’Reilly (him off the telly!) has broken his drone.

And he’s set up a GoFundMe page to help him replace it.

Alan, who provides his forecasting to the nation for nothing, requires 1450 lids to fly again.

He writes:

“Sadly my old drone hit the rocks and I’m to to replace it so I can continue to share photos from the air…”


Carlow Weather Drone (GoFundMe)

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15 thoughts on “Getting Alan’s Eye Back In The Sky

  1. Dermie

    My iMac has just broken. Can you please help me with the €2,700 that I need for a new one. I will set up a Go Fund Me page. Thanks

      1. postmanpat

        He saves countless lives warning the local about twisters…or takes aerial photos and puts them on twitter, either way he’s a god damn hero. I hope he gets his hobby back off the ground as soon as possible. Id donate myself but I left by wallet in my other internet,, but everyone else should kick up some money.

      2. Andrew

        What service is he providing that isn’t being provided elsewhere?

        The Met Office is funded by the taxpayer, that’s enough for me.

        Alan should pay for his own toys.

  2. Jeffrey

    Good luck in the found raising but can I ask, did you troubleshoot the “broken drone” at all? Baseplate are a few quid just.. anything else wrong with it?

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