Fianna Fáil’s digital strategy turns to bikes.

Better late than never.


7 thoughts on “A Spin In Time

  1. george

    Indoor carpark style bike storage is only a solution for commuters whose workplace doesn’t provide bicycle parking though a tax scheme or grants for employers to add cycling facilities might be a better way of dealing with the issue.

    What we really need is more bicycle storage embedded throughout the city, on every street, as this reflects how bicycles are used and one of their core advantages as a mode of transport. Mimicking carparks is not the best way to go about dealing with the problem.

    Oh yeah, wah wah, road tax, wah wah, cycling on footpaths, wah wah, breaking red lights, wah wah, helmets.

  2. manolo

    Cycling is a significant part of the solution for the urban challenges faced by Dublin, so great to see it starting to become an election issue together with the homeless crisis and distribution of wealth.

  3. Rob_G

    No need to invest loads of money reinventing the wheel; one of the shots of the video showed two or three parking spaces, converted to bicyle parking, accomodating about 25 or 30 bikes. Just convert a small portion of the on-street car parking to bicycle parking and there will be loads of space for all the bikes.

  4. small ads

    Bicycle theft also has to be tackled, by going after those who buy stolen bicycles, and catching thieves exporting bikes en masse at the ports. As long as there’s a market for stolen goods, goods will be stolen. And bicycles are one of the most profitable small items to thieve – especially as police just scratch their arsés and say ah shure.

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