‘Breaking Point’


Computer-generated image of newly built Amnis House student accommodation on Western Road in Cork city

Next Thursday.

At 11am, in Cork city.

Students are planning to hold a protest to highlight a lack of affordable accommodation outside the newly built Amnis House student accommodation complex on the Western Road in Cork city.

Joe Leogue, in The Irish Examiner, reports:

UCC Students’ Union deputy president Kelly Coyle said the housing situation in Cork is at “breaking point”.

“The situation is at breaking point and students cannot take any more.”

Ms Coyle said the demonstration will focus on Amnis House in protest at the cost of rooms, ranging from €210 to €225 a week, in the student accommodation complex.

Students to protest over ‘breaking point’ rent levels (Joe Leogue, Irish Examiner)

Pic: Uninestudents

8 thoughts on “‘Breaking Point’

  1. Baffled

    “Our worry is when more private student accommodation buildings come on the market in the next couple of years, they will all be charging the same amount”

    The economics of supply and demand would suggest otherwise.

    1. Jake38

      Exactly. A big part of the problem with supply is the restriction on building heights which are regarded as perfectly normal everywhere else.

  2. baz

    these hysterical students are getting sillier by the day

    basic understanding of free markets and economics and they would realise this building will ease their plights, unless of course their true desire is a cultural marxists type pipe dream where they can fart about such costly buildings for free

    1. Boules

      Or they are justifiably highlighting the extortionate rents that they are being charged.
      (The govt. gave these developers tax breaks and streamlined planning processes to provide fit for purpose student accommodation. Why are rents way above affordable the price range of the very vast majority of students?)

    2. Sheepeyes

      Moronic comment. Students aren’t looking for free accommodation, they’re looking for AFFORDABLE accommodation.

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