EU leaders dine last night ahead of a Brexit summit in Salzburg, Austria this morning

Cutting a country in two
Is never a nice thing to do
But I must admit it’s
Quite a stretch for the Brits
To claim they also think this is true

John Moynes

Pic: SkyNews

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26 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Giggidygoo

    Is Varadkar there? Hard to make out, but is he the one sitting beside the empty chair, being ignored by everyone!

          1. DeKloot

            Very fond of F&Ms Countess Grey. A lighter lift from the bergamot with orange. Coffee wise, Saint Helena from Jamaica when I can can get it freshly roasted is my favourite.

          2. Starina

            Love a bit of Earl Grey but don’t drink it much as it leaves a filmy sensation on my teeth. yack. Have been on a peppermint and liquorice buzz for the last year or so.

  2. ReproButina

    I do enjoy the idea of May giving her “yeah but no but yeah” speech and then having to leave so the grown ups can talk.

  3. SOQ

    The is a certain irony in the north, which has been the subject of such controversy over the years, having finally achieved some semblance of peace, now becoming the single issue that could split the UK.

  4. Zaccone

    Is there any reason you always post such low resolution images Broadsheet? Some of the pictures posted are great, and I’ve love to be able to click through to view in a higher res – this one for example.

  5. jon

    I just wonder how much of EU taxes which we now contribute was spent on this copy of Camelot
    Makes you just wonder

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