22 thoughts on “Below The Gaiety

    1. Abigail

      Litter. City is destroyed with it, a lot of people without any civic responsibility in Dublin unfortunately.

      1. dhaughton99

        I felt so sorry for a woman yesterday after she stepped straight onto a human poo under the canopy at the Spar on Nassau st.

      2. :-Joe

        Yes I whole-heartedly agree…

        The human trash is becoming a real eyesore…

        I wish the government would take responsibility and carry out the obvious necessary action needed to clean up the mess they have ignored and facilitated to worsen by their incompetance, neglect and abstention of their basic civic duty of care as public representatives of the citizens of this country.

        Unfortunately far too many members of the public don’t care either and don’t make this a priority voting issue and then won’t ever be willing to hold their local representatives accountable regardless of who they voted for or who gets elected in their constituency.

        ..Wouldn’t you agree…?


    1. realPolithicks

      Apparently, people are even making jokes about these photos. Extraordinary stuff, of course its the usual right wingers making the jokes.

        1. scottser

          Its.true ron,.im just a smirker. Not a giggler, a.chuckler or indeed a smiler. I never guffaw. I refuse to ROFL, LOFL OR LMAO. I am a proud smirker and while the subject matter above is certainly grave, mr salmons illicited in me a smirk. Now if we can not smirk in times.of crisis then where can we glean solutions? For it is only through a good smirk can we liberate ourselves from restrictive paradigms and smirk our way to freedom and prosperity. Are you with me ron? Smirk for me ron, i know you want to..

    1. Steph Pinker

      For what it’s worth, and I know I’ll be lambasted for mentioning this; but, the person behind the internet character of Ollie/ Charger et al., is very astute and he/she makes many valid points on a number of levels when it comes to the realisation of the outcome regarding any potential deals regarding Brexit for many countries.

      Leaving aside the persona behind the comments submitted under various usernames, ironically, I think Mr Cromwell proffers insights as to how and where the cracks are within a broken system of perceived European democracy – and I include Ireland in this.

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