12 thoughts on “Ah Now

  1. SOQ

    Too right. They can extend the deadlines if they want but they know full well that the longer it goes on, the more people will flip to remain.

    1. SOQ

      Or, Brexit is being championed by a bunch of clowns who couldn’t agree among themselves as to what day of the week it is, let alone the time?

      1. bob oblong

        Well I content that it’s a chicken and egg scenario, Brexit could have one smoothly, but the EU want their pound of flesh, I’ll always side with a democratically elected government over a supra-national body controlled by unelected bureaucrats.

        1. Ollie Cromwell

          Unlike most of the rest of the Irish population.
          But then everyone knew that after the second Lisbon vote.
          Irish surrender at the first whiff of cordite.
          It’s frustrating the hell out of Druncker and the rest that the UK isn’t rolling over and playing dead.

        2. scottser

          the quandry over the chicken and egg is an easy one to resolve; the egg came first, a couple of million years before what we now know as the chicken evolved.
          brexit was always going to be divisive, controversial and complicated. it would have taken a leader with considerable smarts to get any sort of deal from the EU that could be sold back to UK voters. theresa may is not it. if you want an egg for your metaphor, that’s it right there.
          still, look on the bright side – a united ireland awaits :)

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