Former Garda Commissioner Nóirín O’Sullivan


The Irish Times, reports:

The former Garda commissioner, Nóirín O’Sullivan, has sought all information held on her by a number of major media organisations under European Union data protection rules.

Faced with the request, RTÉ has told some of its journalists that all of their email records are being examined by the State broadcaster’s data protection officer….

…The former commissioner has also made the same request for data records to The Irish Times and the publisher of the Irish Mail and the Irish Mail on Sunday.


Nóirín O’Sullivan requests data held on her by key media bodies (The Irish Times)

Eamonn Farrell/Rollingnews

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36 thoughts on “Chilling

  1. axelf

    well the media can take one of 2 routes here:

    the noirin at Charleton route: “I don’t recall any emails”
    or the DOJ route: “there’s no emails”

  2. Rep

    If its their work emails, its not that much different from Ken Foxes request other then RTE seem to be doing what was asked rather then denying it.

    That said, would not be keen on everything in my emails being scrutinised.

  3. Abigail

    we all have the right and shouldn’t question anyone excercising that right.

    is what I’d usually say but not for this person, she should be in jail

  4. SOQ

    Noirin plays the old GDPR card so. It means that these media outfits will not only have to produce any records they hold but also justify why, otherwise they may be breaking the law.

    There is nothing stopping any other citizen from doing likewise of course.

      1. SOQ

        Yes it is probably the first big GDPR case Ireland has had so it will be interesting to see their interpretation of legitimate purpose.

        1. Jasper

          I’ve had a few (very boring) GDPR high level lectures in recent months. If I’m not mistaken, it covers inappropriately held personal information.

          I doubt many of the emails being searched will contain much in the way of personal information, so I don’t think GDPR is an issue here.

          I think this is more a straight up FoI request. And I hope they redact the shart out of those emails just to make her paranoid.

        2. SOQ

          You were lucky, I had a week of it. Kill me now etc.

          It is being reported as European data protection which is GDPR and will supercede FOI in some ways because it is specific to the individual rather than a topic. Although the request can only be made by the person concerned as far as I am aware , not a third party.

  5. Catherine costelloe

    She was head of An Garda with a file under her nose with disgraceful concocted allegations that Garda MC Cabe had raped a child. Just go away, Noirin. What happened to Maurice Mc Cabe was stomach churning.

  6. Conski

    if she’s permitted to call on this information, whats to stop any suspected criminal requesting info from Gardaí and media. Or political canditates requesting info from opposing parties (fishing for dirt they may have).

    Would be interested in Legal Coffee Bangers’ pro opinion on this one.

    1. SOQ

      I expect there would be legal coverage to refuse if someone was under investigation but there was a case in NI this year where after a data breach, the PSNI were obliged to contact a number of individuals who were not under investigation but they were still holding personal data on them.

      I expect the letter went something like…

      Hello, we were collecting information about you without your consent and now the loyalists have it. Sorry about that. Lots of love, PSNI.

    2. SOQ

      The most interesting case of GDPR so far appears to be where a management company sent out an innocent email to all the owners of an apartment block. One of the email addresses displayed full name and the personal owner had identification issues so.. court case pending.

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