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Survivors of the Tuam Mother and Baby Home and friends gathered at the site of the mass grave on Saturday for a Remembrance Day for the 796 children believed buried there.

Last month, to the dismay of survivor groups, Minister for Children Katherine Zappone released a letter she gave to Pope Francis regarding her hope that the Vatican will pay for the exhumation costs.

Saturday: Meanwhile, In Tuam

Previously: Disinterring Tuam

‘A Dishionest Exercise’

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21 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

  1. Cranky Pants

    “What do you say to people who may have siblings buried in a septic tank?”

    Never mind the truth, feel my virtue!

    1. millie st murderlark

      You consistently miss the point, illustrating your own determined ignorance. Good job there big guy.

      1. Cranky Pants

        What shall we do with all the dead babies from all the abortions Irish women are now supposed to be having Millie?

        Why focus on an imminent tragedy or your own making when you can dredge one up from 40 years ago and blame somebody else?

        1. ReproButina

          “Supposed to be having”

          There’s no quota.

          What do you suggest we do? Find another septic tank?

          1. ReproButina

            Are you suggesting that we do so? Because nobody else is and it’s an unusual stance for a pro-lifer.

        2. millie st murderlark

          Ah, so what happened to those babies was their own fault? Or was it the sin of the mother?

          Please. Your disdain for women and the callousness you show for them and their circumstances, whether now or fifty years ago, is evident. You’re dishonest, hiding behind a mask of concern, when your hatred of women shows in every word you write. It’s disgusting.

          1. Cranky Pants

            I ain’t hiding behind a mask of concern here Mille Murder-for-a-lark.

            I fully and openly despise your for-profit-abortion agenda that you want to be completely funded by the tax-payer.

            You and you fellow travelers (EG Zappone) are faking your concern for the Tuam babies as a distraction from what you really want: the right to kill unapproved babies in the womb.

            You lie about abortion as healthcare. If you get your way abortion will be a profit nexus.

          2. millie st murderlark

            Gee thanks for crediting me with an industry YOU seem to know an awful lot about. You sure it’s not you with the unnatural interest in selling foetuses for profit? Or is it just a hobby? Either way, it’s still creepy.

          3. Bodger

            Cranky Pants, I realise you are being sincere but some of your comments are causing a great deal of upset. Would it be possible to tone down the rhetoric a little?

          4. Cranky Pants


            Aw… the poor lambs…

            Is there actual crying? Tears and mucus?

            Or is it like that fake crying children sometimes do to get attention/change the subject?

            Either way I’m done for the day ; you loonies will just have to indulge your Hypocrisy without me

        3. Janet, I ate my avatar

          you don’t abort a baby,
          hard to bury a few cells,
          I don’t bury my periods either a high percentage of which may or may not have been cells that never made it past the first few weeks

        4. scottser

          you are one sick individual sentient won. your lack of compassion and empathy is noted. all you can do is redirect your self-loathing onto others. enjoy your day harming small animals you weirdo.

  2. newsjustin

    Firstly, I would say to them that there’s unclear evidence that it was a septic tank and certainly not that it was ever used as such. I’d try not to add to the anxiety of those siblings about the life and death of their infant brother or sister by making unverified claims.

  3. ollie

    There’s also no evidence about how many are buried and how they died.
    This should be a crime scene, Zappone asking for the VAtican to pay demonstrates how stupid she actually is.

  4. Catherine costelloe

    There is the matter of 1,000 illegal adoptions , under 700 infants and toddlers buried under Bon Secours watch involved here.
    100,000 would start the ball rolling on illegal adoptions as it’s 100 euro cost to take DNA from mothers looking for their illegally adopted child & set up specific genealogy map for these victims. The 16 millon wasted paying Larry Goodman for an empty building would go a long way in giving peace & closure, and respect to Catherine Corless in her 6 year quest for humane burials for tiny tots.

  5. phil

    If there was a crowd funding effort I’d be happy to contribute , otherwise we should ask the UN to investigate…

    Im starting to think there is some sort of organisation who is lobbying the government not to carry out an investigation….

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