Ballinasloe News Day




Ballinasloe, County Galway

Scenes from the first day of the Ballinasloe Horse Fair, which continues until next Sunday. The fair, originally known as the Great October Fair, is believed to be the largest of its kind in Europe.

No canvassing Presidential candidates?




26 thoughts on “Ballinasloe News Day

  1. Starina

    These images side-by-side really show how both the horses and the wimmin are being displayed for auction

  2. Paulus

    Last photo:

    1st woman: Is that yer man Duffy. . . the Dragon?
    2nd woman: ‘Tis…he really gets my goat.

  3. dylad

    From Galway SPCA

    September 30th to October 7th.
    The dates vary slightly every year but the sense of despair and dread that sweeps across our organisation is always the same… Ballinasloe Fair.
    The week long event that sees the number of cruelty calls and frustrated messages flood all our phones and social media.
    “Why are ye not doing something”. Simply put..because we can’t.

    We are an independent organisation and have no authority to seize animals at the fair. The County Council, the ISPCA, and An Garda Siochana are the only organisations that have that power.
    We share everyone’s frustration that this event continues to be allowed take place year after year and that countless numbers of animals are subjected to long days in unsuitable and sometimes downright barbaric “jails” all to make the unsuspecting public feel sorry for them and part with their cash to “Save them”. Some of these animals are stolen but a lot are bred solely for this purpose… Supply and demand.

    The public can truly make a difference by not feeding their greed, stop buying and stop attending.
    We do have volunteers at the fair and they will continue to report the cruelty that they see to the relevant authorities and come the 8th of October, we will once again begin picking up the castoffs of the event, the ones left behind, the ones discarded because they can. A scenario we face all year round. And probably the most frustrating are the ones who, people with good intentions, paid money “to save” but didn’t think of the practicalities or responsibility and commitment involved.

    Please contact those who can and should be making changes : Ballinasloe Fair Organisers. Ballinasloe council. Denis Naughton TD for Roscommon and East Galway.

    1. Starina

      it’s disgraceful the way horses are treated in this country. half the horses in these photos will be worked half to death and then abandoned in an urban field on a footlong piece of rope. hnnnnggggh. Didn’t even know about the “horse jails” until you posted this, make me even more mad. Scum.

      Please donate to the Galway SPCA and My Lovely Horse.

      1. Dhod

        Horses and greyhounds.
        If anyone is considering a dog consider adopting a greyhound. There’s a huge amount of abandoned and mistreated former racing dogs around the country. They’re great dogs-relaxed temperament and surprisingly lazy. They’re also well suited to small houses and apartment

      2. Leon Down

        BAN EVERYTHING NOW !!!@&*!



        Every Smug Sanctimonious Snowflake Ever.

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