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DUP leader Arlene Foster

Alene Foster is prepared to reach a compromise on a Northern Ireland amnesty to prevent elderly veterans from being repeatedly investigated over deaths during the Troubles, The Telegraph understands.

In a significant breakthrough, sources in Belfast and Whitehall claim that the leader of the Democratic Unionist Party and Gavin Williamson are now “on the same page” and are discussing proposals which they hope will be approved by the Attorney General.

The plans, which are yet to be signed off by Number 10, would bring about new protections for veterans, including safeguards for those who have been investigated – and cleared – from having to relive the process “over and over again”.

Arlene Foster prepared to compromise on Troubles amnesty for veterans, sources claim (Daily Telegraph)

Boris Johnson’s “positive” vision for Brexit has been praised by the DUP leader Arlene Foster as she said she would work with him if he became Prime Minister.

In a major boost for Mr Johnson’s leadership ambitions, Mrs Foster endorsed the “belief” and “spirit” contained in his blueprint for Brexit.

She criticised Theresa May’s Government, which needs the DUP’s votes to maintain its working majority, saying one of her biggest disappointments was the failure of ministers to “talk about the aspirations for the nation”.

We would work with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, says DUP leader, as she praises his ‘positive’ Brexit vision (Daily Telegrap – behind paywall)

Arlene Foster says Good Friday Agreement ‘not sacrosanct’ (RTÉ)


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19 thoughts on “Friday On My Mind

  1. bisted

    …it really doesn’t matter what Arlene does or says because she is not the decision maker in the DUP…who is?

  2. DeKloot

    Well this is the beginning of the end so it is…. Out with a boom I think….

    Oh, and Belfast will burn while Sinn Fein fiddle… (their fingers)

  3. Joe Small

    I watched some of Arlene Foster’s evidence at the cash for ash inquiry. Even by the standards of the DUP, she’s a very poor leader. You’d think she’d see Theresa May as a kindred spirit.

  4. Raven

    The thought of her and Boris working together and potentially calling the shots, is a situation that doesn’t bear thinking about.

  5. ReproButina

    The DUP campaigned against the GFA and now Arleen is claiming that it’s not sacrosanct and can be changed to help Sasamach. She’s a corrupt and dangerous lunatic and the sooner her party are back demanding plaques saying Jesus made the Giant’s Causeway the better.

    1. ivan

      I was up at the Giant’s Causeway a few years ago and was *very* surprised to see that the Led Zep/Houses of the Holy cover shot is mentioned at all in the aul interpretive centre…

  6. SOQ

    And now they are saying parts of the GFA are up for grabs. Of course the DUP were never part of negotiations and were it’s biggest critic so while disappointing, should be of no real surprise.

    How these people can keep a straight face while having the word Democratic in their name is beyond me. The NI public voted overwhelmingly in support of the GFA and are clearly anti Brexit yet the Ulster Taliban just keep ploughing on regardless.

  7. jusayinlike

    Arlene, the terrorist apologist, trying to get MI5 spooks off the hook for their vile complicity in the Omaha bombing and the loughinisland massacre.

    Mary Lous armpit?

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