A Shabby Sense Of Entitlement


Ultimate responsibility for the very shabby treatment of the thousand or so ticketholders rests with RTÉ and The Late Late Show not the UK company they engaged and clearly did not properly brief.

Its [UK company’s] employees, while demonstrably out of their depth, were unfailingly polite. From observation, that could not be said of some RTÉ staff there on the night.

‘…The sense of entitlement and self-selecting ‘superiority’ so often attributed to RTÉ and its stars by its critics was also demonstrated by Mr Tubridy when – during an ad break – he sought to put an overexcited heckler in his place by telling him he was clearly his social inferior due to the fact that he was in the worst seats in the house, the gallery with most of the audience because he ‘clearly didn’t know the right people’.

A withering editorial in this morning’s London-based The Irish World newspaper apologising for its role in promoting last Friday’s shambolic Late Late Show London event.

The Irish World

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25 thoughts on “A Shabby Sense Of Entitlement

  1. Ollie Cromwell

    A bit unfair on Nigel Farage,the most successful British politician of his age,but other than that a fair summing up of the whole tired,cliche-ridden embarrassment.
    Instead of the many young,dynamic Irish people forging a new life under booming Britannia and away from the stifling grasp of old-fashioned Ireland we got a load of has-beens going through their dog-eared after dinner speeches.

      1. Ollie Cromwell

        It’s already happened lovey.
        Without Nigel we’d never have had Brexit.
        He’s just enjoying himself now lining his pension pot with lucrative gigs.

    1. Papi

      “Nigel Farage, the most successful British politician of his age”

      Trip to the vets, Ollie? We’ll take the car!!!!
      pip pip!

  2. Spud

    That is fantastic!!
    Norton summed it up when he was being interviewed.
    He specifically told Tubs that his shows success was down to him getting stories out of his guests.
    Tubs just asks stupid questions and never listens.

    Asking Mick McCarthy about Saipan?

  3. Vanessa off the Telly

    Couldn’t agree more
    They absolutely had no clue about the Irish in the UK
    Since they didn’t know what to expect

    By strictly managing the guests for this special
    RTÉ did what they always do,
    Control the message

    The most blatantly obvious thing about it all
    And I’m repeating myself again
    Is that RTÉ clearly do not know who their audience is
    Or who they are supposed to be developing programming for

    It has become a massive Payroll run
    And with minimal – if that, output of any substance

    1. Grace

      RTE are literally digging their own grave with their pitiful programming – recent “specials” on Bunny Carr and Brendan Grace underline the fact that they are solely catering for the over 50s market.
      Their viewership is going to fall off a cliff in the next 5-10 years

  4. Cian

    Ultimate responsibility for the very shabby treatment of the thousand or so ticketholders rests with RTÉ and The Late Late Show not the UK company they engaged and clearly did not properly brief.

    Why is RTE responsible for this? RTE are not the experts in UK ticket allocation or attendance percentages – they hired a specialist company to that – who failed spectacularly.

    1. reddit

      Cian, outside of their daily spewing out a false narrative whose purpose is to keep an increasingly angry populace culturally doped up and malleable, while a corrupt Irish elite continue to milk the system for their own benefit, and being a tax-funded cash cow for those establishment gatekeepers who will stop at nothing to maintain the status quo, oh and being completely irrelevant, it’s actually RTE who are the spectacular failure. At all of those other things it’s a massive success.

      1. Ollie Cromwell

        Paddy is never happy unless he can blame to Brits for everything.
        It’s the national inferiority complex on show again.

        1. millie st murderlark

          You’re doing it again. You know, that thing where you’re a blatant hypocrite, which, if you hadn’t figured it out yet, makes you look rather foolish. And needy.

      2. Cian

        @reddit. you may be correct, but none of that is relevant to who was responsible for the oversupply of tickets.

    2. Ian-O

      So no responsibility at all? The piece you quote mentions RTE not clearly briefing the company in question, so if true, sounds like they might have a lot of responsibility and then there is the concept of respondeat superior, which, while a legal concept, holds true across a range of different arenas.

      1. Cian

        The piece I quoted is trying to lay the blame on RTE. The management company messed up – they issued too many tickets. The only way to transfer the blame to RTE is to say they “didn’t brief the company”.

        IMHO it depends on the areas of expertise:

        If you were organising a wedding and there was going to be two main choices: beef and chicken – it is the responsibility of the hotel to ensure there is enough of each – based on their experience of catering for weddings. Not the bride and groom – who have no experience of such things.

        On the other hand: there is also a vegetarian option, I would expect the responsibility of ensuring there was enough to rest with the bride-and-groom: they have the specialised knowledge of who they are inviting (and should ask) and should “brief the hotel” on numbers of vegetarians expected.

        In my mind the fiasco in London was more the former then the latter[1].

        [1] unless, of course, it transpires that RTE explicitly told them to oversupply tickets to ensure a full house – or something.

        1. Ian-O

          Well the wedding analogy is a good one from a perception point of view because irrespective of who messes up, the bride and groom will be forever known as the people who made a mess of their wedding meal, no matter how much that it was clearly the hotels fault.

          I will admit to being biased against RTE but am trying to be fair, however, it would not surprise me at all if it was overbooked to ensure a full house?

  5. Lilly

    I heard him this morning patting himself on the back. Uncle Gaybo loved it, so he did. Insufferable ejit.

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