Presidential candidate Peter Casey

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29 thoughts on “Halting

  1. newsjustin

    It’s kind of a genius (well, maybe just clever) move. Suggest you’re thinking about quitting and get another 24-36 hours of exposure, people talking about you, for very little effort.

    Let people talk about how you’ve been hounded and almost pushed out because you spoke your mind.

    1. Basil Brush

      Or maybe hes realised hes put both feet in it…ahem…I believe men like this are incapable of true introspection. Its probably what you said.

    2. Nigel

      Meh. This looks like vacillation, uncertainty and even regret, of having put his foot in it f not the sentiments themselves. It looks like pure weakness and even cowardice. If he’s trying to be a playa, this is a terrible play. As Trump demonstrated, you don’t win over the kind of people who love racism by backing off, you keep bulling through, complaining you;re being silence while bellowing at the top of your voice all over the airwaves. They love that. This is dithering.

  2. George

    He’s thinking of withdrawing because he’s about to win for the wrong reason. He must be the only person in Ireland who thinks he could get elected.

  3. Joxer

    the man is a boor…he should take the next two weeks off from campaigning.

    he doesnt want to be elected based on one statement? This gobsheen couldn’t get elected if he was handing our 20 euro notes to voters

    1. Cian

      Unfortunately I suspect that the one statement will garner him more votes than anything else he has said.

  4. Catherine costelloe

    Storm in a teacup. Peter has spent too long abroad . He got it wrong that a homeless family in Dublin would snap up a 4 bedroomed house with solar panels in Tipperary. They want to stay near their family & friends in Dublin. Don’t take a blind bit of notice Peter , leave your name on ballot paper . It will be interesting if nothing else to see how you get on!!

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