‘His Behaviour Is Despicable, Low And Rotten’


A statement (above) released by DUP East Antrim MP Sammy Wilson (top) this morning.

It follows Taoiseach Leo Varadkar producing a 1972 copy of the Irish Times which included a picture of an IRA bomb attack on the Newry Customs Office, at a dinner with EU leaders in Brussels on Wednesday.

Nine people died and six people were injured in the attack on August 22.

Sammy Wilson hits out at ‘vile Varadkar’ over ‘despicable, low and rotten’ border violence claim (Belfast Telegraph)

Pics: News Letter and Sam McBride

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16 thoughts on “‘His Behaviour Is Despicable, Low And Rotten’

  1. missred

    I can just hear Sammy’s banshee-like screaming as he foams at the mouth. Like he’s dissolving in a cauldron and saying it’s not the last of him…

  2. RuilleBuille

    This is Wilson of the DUP who have formed three armed wings during the Troubles – the Ulster Protestant Volunteers, Ulster Resistance, Third Force – so he has some neck criticising anyone.

    1. Gearóid

      Just to add to that: Ulster Resistance obtained weapons smuggled into Ireland by a member of British Intelligence, working covertly for a loyalist organisation.

    1. missred

      There is footage from a show Brendan Grace hosted in the 80s that Broadsheet shared a while back, I think around the time of Ian Paisley’s death. I think Sammy is on it and the fashions are a fright to be seen. Sammy is there in full regalia if I remember correctly

  3. Kolmo

    DUP are gangsters. Nothing more. Easily bought, easily manipulated by the greasier tories into believing Brexit was a good idea – contrary to the interests of all the people in the North, and by extension, the rest of Ireland. Gangsterism, hiding behind the useful idiots of faux-english/british nationalism – they care about no one except themselves and will risk being the cause of another round of the troubles, just like their founder, big mouth Ian senior was.

  4. edalicious

    How can anyone expect to be taken seriously if they can’t even bother to spell the name of the person they’re writing about correctly?

  5. SOQ

    Poor Sammy, he’s never been the same since the Sunday World published pictures of him running naked though a meadow.

    That wasn’t yesterday or the day before of course

  6. Ron

    The description of Leo is 100% on point. That’s the most insightful statement I’ve ever seen from DUP. Do you think Leo realises he is the laughing stock of the EU?

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