‘As We Say Sorry, We Also Say, We Believe You’


Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison

“To the children we failed, sorry.

To the parents whose trust was betrayed and who have struggled to pick up the pieces, sorry.

To the whistleblowers, who we did not listen to, sorry.

To the spouses, partners, wives, husbands, children, who have dealt with the consequences of the abuse, cover-ups and obstruction, sorry.

To generations past and present, sorry,

We are sorry. Sorry you are not protected,. Sorry you are not listened to.

We are sorry for refusing to trust the words of children, for not believing you.

As we say sorry, we also say we believe you.”

Australia’s prime Minister Scott Morrison, (top) delivered to a gathering of victims in Canberra, the nation’s capital.

‘We Say Sorry’: Australia Formally Apologizes to Victims of Child Sexual Abuse (New York Times)

‘A sorry that dare not ask for forgiveness’: Scott Morrison delivers apology to survivors of sexual abuse (Sydney Morning Herald)

Pic: Reuters

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4 thoughts on “‘As We Say Sorry, We Also Say, We Believe You’

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    “A sorry that dare not ask for forgiveness.” A good start with a “sorry” that takes responsibility for the crimes committed and covered up against children. Asking/begging for forgiveness, the way the catholic church has done, is a mealymouthed, “#sorrynotsorry” way of putting the onus on victims, rather than the wrongdoers.

  2. phil

    Fair play, next on their agenda should be their institutional racism towards the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples ….

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