Was It For This?



Patrick McHugh, of PrayforPatrick design,  writes:

Hopefully this enamel pin that I made might be of some interest to your more discerning readers. They are available on my Etsy store, along with several other prints that will no doubt have widespread appeal.


PrayforPatrick on ETsy (Etsy)

Anti-British Irish-made stuff to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘irish-Made Stuff’. No fee.

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16 thoughts on “Was It For This?

  1. Tom

    What’s with the weird anti British schtick that these 20 something twitter knobs seem to love.

    Irish repbublicanism as a twitter meme. I’m guessing theyre all too young to remember the troubles.

    1. pedeyw

      It’s probably being stoked by the rampant ignorance of Irish affairs by the current UK government and population in general.

    2. Nelly Not On You

      19 year old started at my job a few weeks ago, got talking to him. He looked normal and then he started talking about the “brits” and correcting people about calling it Northern Ireland instead of the North of Ireland. He talks about Sinn Fein and all that stuff with the face of a cult member. Gets very serious about it all. Never met somebody that serious about it without a Northern accent. And I’ve got a cousin in the Ra.

          1. rotide

            Ye can call me what ye like, but watch your mouth with me da
            The whore scares me and I’ve a cousin in the Ra

          2. scottser

            i deal a bit o weed and i love to steal a car
            but i’ve both kneecaps intact – i’ve a cousin in the ra

      1. Gabby

        Could you refer your disturbed 19-year-old colleague and your schizoid Ra cousin to an understanding revisionist psychiatrist?

    1. missred

      I dunno what I’d do with them if I bought them. It’s like the equivalent of those very brash American car bumper stickers in terms of subtlety

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