A Sudden Feeling Of Dread


Bohemian FC have been forced to drop their away kit with bob Marley’s image

No jumper.

No cry.

Biddy Bitcoin writes:

They’ll be worth a fortune now.

Bohemians ditch Bob Marley jersey due to image rights issues (Irish Times)

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21 thoughts on “A Sudden Feeling Of Dread

    1. Brother Barnabas

      probably for the best – it wouldn’t have looked like that on your average bohs fan… them belly full

  1. Spud

    Were any actually sold though?
    Thought it was on order basis.

    Replaced with a big fist.
    they’ll have some fun with that I’m sure!

    1. scottser

      they’re offering refunds or to swap the old jersey for one with the new ‘fist’ design.
      “We have decided to give 10% of our profits from this jersey to a fund, which will continue the already fan-led and previously fan-funded initiative of bringing people living in Direct Provision to games at Dalymount Park. These are among the most unrepresented people on our island.”

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