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From top: The Haunting Soldier statue in Stephen’s Green; tourists take a selfie and ISR protest poster


Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2

Irish Socialist Republicans (ISR) writes:

To counter the controversial 6 meter high statue of a British Soldier errected in Stephens Green, Irish Socialist Republicans have errected a series of large A1 posters around the Dublin City park that read, ‘Ireland Welcomes the Black and Tans- Murders, Rapists, Criminals, Terrorists!’

The posters have been errected to demonstrate opposition to the shameful glorification of Imperialist War and the slavish celebration of the British Military that the statue represents, a force that continues to maintain an illegal occupation of Ireland and is involved in illegal wars of conqest around the world.

Anti Imperialist Action (Facebook)

Monday: ‘We Shall Not Sleep, Though Poppies Grow’

Meanwhile in Stepehen’s Green


Next Sunday will mark the 100th anniversary of the end of World War 1…

Irish Socialist Republicans and Anti Imperialist Action Ireland write:

On November 1 Irish Socialist Republicans and Anti-Imperialist Action Ireland, launched this year’s Poppy Watch Patrols to prevent the sale of the British Legion Poppy on the streets of our capital city.

Following on from the success of last year’s patrols, those selling the Brit Legion Poppy on our streets will be challenged and their support for British Imperialism and the ongoing illegal occupation of Ireland will be highlighted.

The British Legion are not a benign Charity. The funds raised by the British Legion are used to support serving members of Britain’s imperialist forces and the poppy shows support for Britain’s terrorists in all its wars of conquest, including the ongoing wars and secret conflicts Britain involves itself in today.

Since the launch of the initiative on November 1st, three successful patrols have been held and the campaign has been expanded into County Wicklow. More actions are planned for the coming days.

Hundreds of leaflets have been distributed at Dart, Bus and Luas stops, calling for a boycott of the Poppy and highlighting its role in funding serving members of the British Military.

Anti Imperialist Action Ireland (Facebook)

‘SHAMEFUL!’ Fury as campaign TAKES ON poppy sellers in action against ‘British terrorists (Express)

‘Irish Socialist Republicans’ have begun painting out Dublin street signs “named after British Imperialists”. The group launched its campaign against ‘Victoria Road’ in Killiney, County Dublin

This morning.

Victoria Road, Killiney. County Dublin

‘Britain continues to illegally occupy Six Irish Counties, yet there are streets across the country named after and therefore glorifying the actions of British Imperialists in Ireland.

Our campaign is about highlighting this and encouraging people to take similar action themselves. Such actions are a small but symbolic way to contribute to the ongoing anti colonial resistance in Ireland.

We have launched this campaign here at Victoria Road in Killiney as there is no justifiable arguement as to why a road in Ireland should be called after England’s Genocide Queen who presided over a deliberate policy of ethnic cleansing in Ireland from 1845-1852.

By painting out these road signs we are stating that the ongoing British Occupation of our country is unacceptable and that the glorification of the crimes of British Imperialism in Ireland will not be tolerated.

In the coming weeks we will be building the campaign to reach every street in the country that is named after a British Imperialist.’”

A statement from ‘Irish Socialist Republicans’ sent out this afternoon.


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