9 thoughts on “Bentley Out Of Shape

  1. Dhod

    I’d imagine that’s a tactical move to ensure nobody would park too close and possibly bang the door of their plebmobile against against the Bentley

  2. Tony

    I certainly hope nobody uses a beermat to paste dogpoo under the drivers door handle of that Bentley. That would be dreadful

  3. BS

    In fairness to him (it’s probably a him) the vast majority of Irish drivers have little to no respect for other people’s cars, I’ve been sitting in a car when someone has thrown their door open and hit it, only to be met with a blank stare and an “”oh did I? Sorry” when I confronted them about it. I have a new car, I work hard to pay for it, and I park in two spots when I can, when there’s lots of spaces and when it’s on the far side of a car park. I really don’t care if someone says it’s a dick move, because the real dick move is opening your car door into someone else’s propert and damaging it

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