Meanwhile, In Longford


Last night.

Edgeworthstown, County Longford

Via Sceal Doire:

Shortly before 6pm, A garda allegedly helping a friend remove a van that the repairs on it hadn’t been paid for…When the man who repaired it tried to stop the van from being taken, the garda, shoving the man and his wife and when his tie was grabbed, raised a pistol and shot the man having already allegedly shot and killed his dog…


‘The Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission is to investigate the circumstances of a shooting incident at a house in Co Longford yesterday after a man was injured when a garda firearm was discharged.

The man was later treated in hospital for his injuries which are not said to be life-threatening

Gardaí say they were at the scene as part of another investigation and were being assisted by a member of the public when they were confronted.

In the moments that followed a garda discharged his firearm in the direction of a guard dog, which was killed and a man nearby also sustained shotgun wound injuries to his leg.’

Usual health warnings apply to the veracity of the above text.

More as we get it.

GSOC to investigate shooting incident in Co Longford (RTÉ)


The dog at the centre of a garda shooting – previously thought dead – has vanished and investigators are trying to track down the injured hound.

The Garda Siochana Ombudsman Commission (GSOC) and garda investigators are probing the shooting of a man in Longford by an on-duty Detective Sergeant.

Witnesses said that a large German Shepherd was shot during the incident.

Sources have said that the dog is missing, having run from the scene.

….The site of the incident is close to a location where €500,000 of suspected stolen industrial plant, tools, trailers, vans, cars engine and vehicle parts was recovered.

Last Thursday gardai carried out a search operation at the alleged “chop shop” in a large industrial unit last Thursday…

GSOC probes Longford shooting incident as dog previously thought dead ‘vanishes’ (The Irish Mirror)

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123 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Longford

    1. Joe

      Are you lads for real?

      There’s a vicious traveller gang there and now they’re threatening his life

      Cop on

  1. Ian-O

    This is surely a criminal matter? What was he brandishing a Gardai issued firearm for a personal matter for?

    This is beyond disgusting – shooting someone for grabbing their tie?

    Although being Ireland, he will probably be promoted and the person who was shot will be charged with obstructing a Garda bullet…

    1. scottser

      well now, it’s an awful curse trying to get a really tight knot out of a tie. i’d be fit to shoot someone if they did it to me..
      *can’t find the sarcasm font*

  2. Starina

    Gardai should be fired for doing favours for pals. They should DEFINITELY be fired for shooting dogs and people.

  3. Rob_G

    The video seems so show the blonde guy assaulting the guy in the van, and then grabbing the Garda by the tie. The Garda tells him to let go; he doesn’t, then the Garda shoots him.

    What I’ve learned from this incident is that if attack someone who has a gun, and they warn you to stop, you should probably listen to them.

    1. Starina

      The Garda should not have had his firearm out. He is allegedly trained on how and when to use it, and someone grabbing your tie is not a reason to cause them internal damage back. The responsibility lies completely with the highly-trained person with the gun.

      1. Rob_G

        “The Garda should not have had his firearm out.”

        You could be right; strange as well that the Garda was wearing a tie that could be used to strangle him.

        “…and someone grabbing your tie is not a reason to cause them internal damage back.”

        I disagree with you here; he was off-balance, if had ended up on the ground with the other fellow standing over him with effectively a noose in his hands, it could have gone very badly for the Garda.
        Still, very easy for us at this remove to critique his actions; he was surrounded by two, possibly three people, perhaps a dog, and he was physically attacked.

        I hope that the Garda was not there on an errand, and I am glad that the Gardaí don’t go around shooting people willy-nilly, but if the type of person who attacks two people, one of whom is an armed Garda, ends up getting shot in the foot, I won’t be entirely sympathetic to their predicament.

        1. Anomanomanom

          Some top notch trolling. I love the use of the word possibly, he was possibly surrounded by two or three. Yeah and possibly the women recording at lasers shooting from eyes. And the dog he shot possible shot out killer bees when it barked. Possibly.

          1. Rob_G

            Well, I can’t actually see the dog, personally.

            He was definitely surrounded by two people, then, and the man definitely had him by a noose around the throat – better?

          2. Rep

            You can’t see the dog because it was shot, hence the woman filming complaining about it.

            “Definately surrounded by two people”

            He was trying to push closed the door of the van which was being held open by the repairman. If anything, he had the repairman trapped, while also brandishing a gun.

          3. Rob_G

            I think this interpretation is ignoring the fact that the repairman is assaulting the guy in the driver seat at the time. The Garda (I suppose) is closing the door to stop the repairman from hitting the other guy.

          4. Rep

            If we are going by the description, the driver is attempting to take a repaired van without paying for the repairs. Once could argue that he is stealing from the repairman.

            Can’t help but think that the fact that the repairman is from the travelling community that peoples bias kicks in and sides with the garda who should not have been there with a gun and yet managed to shoot a dog and unarmed man.

          5. Rob_G

            Yes, I have my doubts about the impartiality of whoever wrote the description…

            “… shoot a dog and unarmed man”.

            If the blonde man had a German Shephard, as I have seen suggested, I am not sure that that would really count as ‘unarmed’.

            “Can’t help but think that the fact that the repairman is from the travelling community that peoples bias kicks in and sides with the garda.. “

            Between a person attacking a Garda, and a Garda, without any other details to go on, my benefit of the doubt would normally be with the Garda. Nothing to do with the ethnicity of anyone involved.

          6. bisted

            …it’s great to have such an extensive analysis by one of the resident spokesmen for the ‘law and order’ party…

          7. Toe Up

            You keep mentioning that the man who was shot assaults the man who is attempting to drive the van. I have watched the video a few times and I don’t see any assault, I do see the Garda attempt to grab / push the fair haired man (18 seconds). I also see the man lunge at the driver but the driver raises his arm and ducks (26 seconds), so no contact is made, so I don’t see how that constitutes assault.

            Finally, you mention that the Garda is choked by the fair haired man. The main pulls his tie and is holding him, but the tie is being pulled into the back of the Garda’s neck. The still of the video clearly shows the tie is loosened and is no where near the Garda’s throat, so there is no evidence of choking.

            I understand that we don’t have the full story of how the incident evolved, but the fact that you are inventing scenarios that are not backed up by the video to justify the behaviour of the Garda shows that you are inventing a narrative to suit your story rather than looking at it objectively.

          8. Spaghetti Hoop

            @bisted, I’m just amazed at how many Broadsheeters were there to witness this fracas. There must’ve been a whole field full of them!

    2. Bort

      I really don’t know how anyone can see anything else. Blonde man is unlawfully detaining and assaulting the man in the van. Like it or not if that Garda is a gun carrying detective he may not have had any other form of self defense equipment on him. The blonde man is instructed to leave he doesn’t, he grabs the garda by the tie, he his instructed to let go, the garda doesn’t know if the next step is that he’ll be dragged to the ground, assaulted or if the man will take the gun off him. If this was the US or UK that guy would probably be dead. He’s lucky to get away with a bullet in the foot, also lucky that no doubt he will get PAID!

      Would people prefer if he had a baton and bet the cr@p out of the lad? Would that be more acceptable. Whatever reason the garda was there, he was witness to an assault and it was his duty to intervene.

      The video doesn’t show the garda shoving a man and a wife, it clearly shows him trying to prevent and ongoing assault.

      1. Tom

        Nasty situation but the guard was left with little choice. If he put a bullet in the guys chest then it would be a different matter.

        1. Anomanomanom

          So its ok for a garda to do a favour, not an official duty, then when his favour goes wrong shoot someone.

        2. Starina

          If one of us used our company name and influence unofficially and somebody got hospitalised as a result, it’d be an instant dismissal for gross misconduct.

      2. Eoineyo

        While they are both great Hollywood explanations of why an unarmed man was shot, in the real world and if what is reported is correct the Garda got involved in a civil matter totally lost control and as said before shot an unarmed man.
        No doubt it will be covered up and they will try make it illegal to record a member of the Gardaí to prevent actual evidence being used.

          1. Eoineyo

            According to the report he got involved in the civil matter. Besides that what we seen does not warrant a fire arm being draw and used.
            Unless of course the guy who was shot was about to turn into the hulk and we couldn’t see that off camera.

      3. scottser

        Its not clear whether the guard was there in an official capacity. If he was, should he not have had backup and issued the appropriate warnings, tried to diffuse the situation?
        You say he had no choice but to shoot but professionally he shoudnt be in that situation with his gun drawn. He deserves to get properly done i reckon.

    3. rotide

      Without knowing anything about what happened before, it certainly seems like the garda is criminally out of order by producing and discgharging the firearm.

      However, the victim does indeed deserve a Darwin Award for attacking an armed garda. Watching it, I couldn’t work out why someone would do such a thing, while the comments here relating to his ethnicity might shed some light on it, I think it’s far more likely that he’s just bloody stupid.

    4. Dr.Fart MD

      “What I’ve learned from this incident is that if attack someone who has a gun, and they warn you to stop, you should probably listen to them.”

      this is the worst case of victim blaming .. he should not have a gun. no one should. what you’re saying is because he has a gun, everyone should do what he says. unfathomably stupid tripe out of Rob_G as usual. listen to the police, authority is right, even when it’s wrong. unreal. you’ve totally lost your mind.

      1. rotide

        No, he shouldn’t have a gun.

        But he does. I don’t think the guard was in the right here but if someone, anyone has a gun , a very important safety tip is NOT TO ATTACK THEM.

        How is this so hard to understand?

      2. Bort

        No one should have a gun? If thousands of criminals in the country are in possession of guns I for one should think our law enforcement should also have a few.

  4. Ollie Cromwell

    Poor dog.
    Where’s that animal lover Dub Spot complaining about a swan being killed in Kent to offer his sympathies ?

  5. Ollie Cromwell

    Poor dog.
    Where’s that animal lover Dub Spot complaining about a swan being killed in Kent to offer his sympathies ?

  6. Brother Barnabas

    country lad joins GS at the age of 17. and after 40 years of throwing his weight around the local area, the bully-with-badge doesn’t like it when his authority-to-do-whatever-the-phuck-he-likes gets challenged. especially dire around leitrim, roscommon, sligo, where everyone knows to keep away from the guards.

    1. qwerty123

      Well this was Longford, and there is a sizeable proportion of people from a certain ethnic background like this fella in the midlands that don’t give 2 ducks about the guards.

        1. qwerty123

          So does the person who assaulted the guard have to inflict serious damage before they are shot? Is there an arbitrary line during an assault on an armed officer one must cross before it is ok to discharge the weapon?

          1. kellMA

            I think the point here is that he turned up to a situation that was not garda related business carrying a garda issue firearm or?
            That is the problem. I don’t think gardai are supposed to be bringing their weapons with them when they are out with the family shopping of a Saturday etc.

          2. qwerty123

            Don’t think anybody knows the story between the driver and man assaulting him, we are watching the end of the scene. We only have 1 side as to what happened before then, and this side was pointed out given by a person who may not like the Gardai anyway.

            Does not seem plausible that this fell was a mechanic and the other guy was trying to drive his van away. It is on a public road for one and the van was parked on the side of the road. Not from a private mechanics garage etc.

          3. Rep

            I wonder if the fact that the fella being from “a certain ethnic background” has influenced your opinion that the garda was correct in his actions of brandishing a gun, seemingly killing a dog and shooting an unarmed man in what seems like a civil dispute.

          4. Rob_G

            I don’t know why people keep repeating ‘civil dispute’, ‘civil matter’ – what the video shows is one person hitting one person and choking another person, there is nothing civil about any of that.

          5. Rob_G

            @Listrade –

            No, I understand that. I am just not sure of its relevance to how an armed Garda responded when someone assaulted him.

          6. Listrade

            I think the key issue is that he turned up armed to a civil dispute, as in civil law rather than atmosphere. That’s the issue people are querying.

            It’s one thing to turn up representing the Gardai to this. Then it’s another thing to come armed.

          7. Rob_G

            Fair enough.

            If he was attending a civil dispute in a private capacity – well, that would be inadvisable, and possibly unethical, armed or unarmed.

            But even if he the Garda had put himself in a questionable position, when someone attacked him, he still had the right to defend himself.

            Ex: If a detective, who has his pistol on him, stops off for drink on a pub on the way home from work, and ends up drinking after hours (a not uncommon occurrence, God knows). If armed raiders break into the pub and threaten the Garda, would you agree that he still has the right to defend himself from physical harm, even though he has put himself in a compromising situation?

          8. Rep

            So in this bizarre hypothetical situation to make the garda look good, you have him bringing a loaded work gun into a pub to go drinking and think nothing of this?

          9. Listrade

            I’ve no idea on your hypothetical as I don’t know the full extent of the rules for carrying guns for Gardai. Are they allowed to carry them while off duty? Should they be locked up? Are they permitted to use in all circumstances? That would all be essential information. Add to that his judgement after a couple of pints.

            However, he wasn’t just walking along minding his own business and didn’t just stumble onto this scene, he went there as a favour, he brought his gun with him. It was a deliberate act. If it was a criminal matter and there was a potential issue with trouble, why wasn’t it formally handled by the Gardai? Why didn’t he request gardai when it started kicking off?

          10. Rob_G

            I have no idea as to the answer to any of these questions; I imagine that each individual Garda has to use his/her best judgement.

            “… he went there as a favour, he brought his gun with him” – has this been confirmed anywhere?

            “I think the key issue is that he turned up armed to a civil dispute…” again, has this been confirmed? Or is this speculation and hearsay?

            “If it was a criminal matter and there was a potential issue with trouble, why wasn’t it formally handled by the Gardai? Why didn’t he request gardai when it started kicking off?”

            I have no idea; perhaps it escalated quickly. What we know is that a Garda discharged his firearm and hit someone in the foot (and maybe killed a dog? Have not seen that confirmed anywhere). We have video of this. We also have video of someone grabbing the garda by the tie around his throat before he shot. The video shows a Garda being physically assaulted, and him responding by shooting the guy in the foot. That seems proportionate to me.

  7. Murtles

    Some Guards shouldn’t have guns. Harps back to the Newbridge robbery around 1990 where two robbers were shot dead by Gardaí. During the incident a Guard and an innocent bystander were also shot and wounded. Later forensics showed the robbers never fired their gun.

    1. Rob_G

      You are right in what you say, but I am not sure that one incident that took place 30 years’ ago makes a very strong case that trigger-happy Gardaí is some sort of an endemic problem.

    2. Scundered

      What put the innocent people in danger was the decision the robbers made, by robbing. They instigated the whole scene.

      1. Murtles

        Agree and tough poopy poo about the robbers but it was more to highlight Garda firearm training or lack thereof if they shoot robbers, passers by and themselves. This gent yesterday seems to have forgot his training as well.

  8. Fiddlestix

    Be interesting to hear the full story. The traveller is holding a dog back with one hand and assaulting the driver with the other. He then pulls the Garda by the tie down presumably towards the dog – which I’m fairly sure is not a Bichon Frise looking for kisses – before the Garda fired. I DON’T think he should have fired his weapon, but by his disposition here and the fact he has the weapon out in the first place, there is going to be more detail to this.

      1. Rob_G

        I think one of my comments was edited, so I will rephrase in a way that Bodger will find less problematic; take a look at some of the other videos on the Youtube channel of the person submitting the video, and you might come away with the conclusion that they are not necessarily the biggest fans of an Gardaí Síochána.

          1. Rob_G

            Hi Bodge – while I understand your reasoning for editing the comment, libel laws being what they are, I believe I used the word ‘supporter’. I don’t think that this is an unreasonable inferral.

    1. qwerty123

      “which I’m fairly sure is not a Bichon Frise looking for kisses ”

      ha, +1. Some people use dogs as weapons unfortunately, the poor dog.

  9. Fiddlestix

    After watching the video back, I notice the dog (Bichon Frise? Labradoodle?) has the Garda by the tie.

  10. phil

    Does not matter who is right/wrong, looks bad for the organisation , and since when do the Gardai get involved in civil matters

  11. Scundered

    The Garda gave fair warning to move, guy didn’t comply and instead chooses to choke the garda, the lady also does nothing to help by standing being abusive.

    What would you do? Talk in a raspy voice pleading to let the tie go? I don’t think so.

    Garda was absolutely right.

    1. Nigel

      If he was in the process of taking the van without repairs being paid for at the behest of the van’s owner, there is no dicing or slicing or after-action analysis that puts the Guard in the right. Just none.

  12. Listrade

    Just spitballing here with some whatifs. Let’s say that someone (with an accent that may or may not indicate that they are from a specific ethnic group according to some) had gotten repairs done on their van. They then didn’t pay for those repairs, but wanted to take the van away anyway. The mechanic (note employing an alleged accent) is a bit annoyed by this and thinks he deserves to be paid before the van is driven away. Not unreasonable.

    Then the person with the accent turns up with a friend who is carrying a weapon to take away the van by force. The honest mechanic without an accent tries to stop them because they believe that the deal should involve an exchange of money for their labour. It gets rough, he gets shot in the foot.

    I’m sure you’d all be in favour of the shooter then. I’m sure we’d hear your cries about being grabbed by the tie and that he was perfectly within his rights to shoot, in fact the victim should feel lucky he isn’t dead. He should be thanking the shooter, who, by the way, is the real victim here.

    We don’t have the full story. But it seems a bit weird that a guard would turn up with a gun to help a mate get his van back from someone he hasn’t yet paid (allegedly) and its all above board and legitimate.

    Sometimes, the comments on this site are like showering in discharge from a severe Clostridium difficile infection after chewing on armpit skin tags.

    1. Rob_G

      The video, as so often is the case in these type of incidents, begins very late in the scene. The Garda already has his weapon drawn when the wife begins recording – what precipitated that, I wonder…

      Everything about the status of the van is a case of he said/she said – civil matter, nothing really actionable by an Gardaí. What is visible on the video is one man assaulting another man, then assaulting the guard, and getting shot for his trouble. I don’t how much bearing the accents of any of the involved had on the matter; I am not sure how much more obliging the Garda would be had the man holding a noose around his neck had a Foxrock accent or similar.

      1. Nigel

        He could have been more obliging by not turning up armed to.illegally recover a van for a mate and shoot their dog. If that’s what happened.

        1. scottser

          i think we’re all agreed that what this situation required was morgan freeman intervening in the role of peacemaker.

    2. Eoineyo

      One problem….. you forgot about the dawg.

      I don’t see a dawg in the video but everyone keeps talking about the dawg getting shot.

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        Ha. I think the true story died with the dawg, as I can’t understand any of this. Even Miss Marple would walk away.

  13. Darren Coffey

    The guard acted unprofessionally he never gave the warning to let go of his tie or he’d shoot in fact no official nor professional warning was given. Look at the video all he said was “let fucking go” he should go to prision for handling and using a firearm with due care an attention. The gun should be had it’s safety on the were no whepons in any other individuals hands except the gard so there was no reason for the firearm to be out on the scene in the first place. This was a civil matter which the guarda had taken upon himself to make it a criminal matter. His identification numbers are covered which in the video he is clearly wearing a uniform and from what I’m aware the law states ALL active Guardi MUST have their identity shoulder badges on view with the exception of plain clothes officers to which they MUST produce a wallet identification

    1. Rob_G

      While the shirt is a similar colour, I don’t think that is a Garda uniform – certainly that tie isn’t. (and I think all of the armed Gardaí are plain-clothes).

      “ALL active Guardi MUST have their identity shoulder badges on view with the exception of plain clothes officers to which they MUST produce a wallet identification

      Perhaps he was too distracted by the man who was choking him to produce his ID. They seem to be addressing him by his first name in the video anyway, so I don’t think that’s an issue.

  14. Fergal1790

    It seems like the Garda detective was not on duty but was helping a friend to recover a vehicle from the person who got shot, It also seems from reports that the repairs to the vehicle carried out by the shot person had not been paid for and the shot person was holding onto the vehicle till he got paid.

    The Garda has no authority in such a case and should not be acting for his mates using his official status and brandishing official firearms.

    It appears to me that this shooting is unlawful and the garda should be arrested for assault and actual bodily harm.

    1. Ian-O


      If he was on active duty and was carrying his firearm in an official capacity, he would have reasonable grounds to be brandishing it. Sounds like he wasn’t. Looks like he was there acting the hard man for a mate.

      Also, if reports are to be believed, the van in question had an unpaid repair bill, so this brings up the question of whether he was illegally using his position as a Garda to forward a civil matter on behalf of a friend. That, is essentially corruption and a disturbing though to think that if you have a friend of family member, they can bring their position to bear on matters that are solely civil matters.

      Turn the situation around, Garda is owed money for work he did on a vehicle, person arrives to take vehicle that the bill is outstanding on. Guy who owes money turns up to take the van. Should the Garda just stand back and allow him take the van? Should he attempt to stop him taking the van? Would you?

      This whole mess stinks and its frightening to think unarmed Garda are offering their services in this manner – he was, again, if the reports are to be believed, using his position and firearm in a personal capacity, that alone is a sacking matter before criminal law is brought to bear.

      However, none of this matter because he will be exonerated, the shot person will be compensated and the culture that was so widely exposed by Sgt McCabe will continue until the next shooting, repeat ad naseum.

  15. gringo

    Good old RTE can always be depended on to spin the story in the cops favour, The thug with the gun will probably get compensation for attempted strangulation plus a promotion.

  16. Eoin

    Was Trigger in “the course of performing” Garda duty? If so, when Limpy and the missus sue, it will be you and I that will be paying for this incident.

    Garda Siochana Act 2005

    “48.— (1) Where a member of the Garda Síochána commits an actionable wrong in the course of performing the member’s functions under this Act—

    (a) the State is liable to an action for damages in respect of damage resulting from the wrong as if the State were the employer of the member, and

    (b) the member is, for the purposes of such liability, deemed to be the servant of the State in so far as the member was acting in the course of performing his or her functions under this Act.”

  17. Eoineyo

    Ok ok ok, here’s the official account (some details maybe changed for dramatic effect).

    So the guy in the van calls up the local sheriff “howye Pa any chance you could come with me to collect me wagon, I got a couple of jobs done to it but I need for the morning there’s a bit of work out west and I could do with the few bob for the childer for the Christmas?”
    Sheriff: “sure thing Pa where will meet?”
    Van Guy: “by the well out by the old man Murphy’s place Pa”
    Later that day…..
    Mechanic to his wife: “will you get the spuds on love I will be in soon, Pa is on his way to collect his wagon and drop off the few bob, so you should be able to head up to the big city on the 8th to get a few thins for the childer for the Christmas?”
    Wife: “will do Pa!”
    Mechanic: “ oh will you grab the dawg he needs a walk?”
    Wife: “ffs”
    Van guy and the sheriff arrive.

    Mechanic: “howye Pa”
    Van Guy: “howye Pa”
    Mechanic: “your wagon is ready to roll Pa, have you got that few bob?”
    Van Guy: “about that Pa….”
    Then the Sheriff bursts in
    Mechanic: “well the lord latern jasus!”
    Van Guy: “I will be taken me wagon now Pa”
    Mechanic: “you won’t”
    Sheriff: “hand over the keys now Pa”
    Mechanic: “do ye like dawgs?”
    Van Guy & Sheriff: “dawgs?”
    Mechanic: “ye dawgs Pa, here meet fluffy he’s a real pet”
    Sheriff: “oh dogs…. NO!”
    Bang! Sheriff shoots the dawg
    Mechanic: “ah jasus you shot me in the foot”
    Sheriff: “yeah well you can’t prove anything”
    Mechanics Wife: “that’s what you think, I have been quietly filming this and I will be posting this on social media where every legal mind in the country will judge this, do you know how popular CSI Miami used to be Pa?”

    Case to be continued……..

    1. millie st murderlark

      Sadly, no

      Otherwise yer wan with the obnoxious laugh in my office would have been locked up LONG ago.

  18. Paullus

    But….. Didnt the GSOC issue a statement that the man suffered a shot to the leg region due to a ricochet from having to kill a dog.

    The PSNI used to use this excuse when kids were being shot with plastic bullets. “it was a ricochet seargent”

    Case closed.

    This will undoubtedly lead to that gardas career being over. he should face civilian charges for perversing the course of justice, professional charges for lying in a witness statement, discharging a weapon in a civil dispute, unlawfully shooting a man, which is attempted murder at least, not to mention unholstering and arming (cocking) a weapon when no clear and present danger can be identified.

    the garda is known to all parties by the looks of it.

    Bad suss we have to deal with gangsters, but when the gardai go vigilante….. were all doomed. .

  19. Catherine costelloe

    We are only getting the tail end of this volatile incident. GSOC will give their version in about 10 years time.

  20. A Person

    Seriously, look at the youtube vids posted by Sceal Doire, and then determine the validity of the “story”.

  21. rotide

    This is a really good example of where victim blaming can be entirely justified.

    This garda is going to get the book thrown at him and rightly so it seems for the use of a weapon.

    However, it is ENTIRELY the victims fault that he got shot. It’s not like the garda was hiding the gun and he attacked him? That’s how you get shot my good man.

  22. Bort

    Looking forward to getting the full story, that video starts very late in the game. The story doing the rounds at the moment is that the garda had already had to disarm the man and had been attacked my the dog, a German Shepard. Anyone who can’t see the guy attempt to assault the man in the van, assault the garda and ignore garda instructions on a public road is blind. i’m just glad we’re not reading about a garda who was badly beaten and his face bitten off by a dog. I feel sorry for the dog more than anyone though.

  23. Spaghetti Hoop

    Interestingly, Drew Harris attended Longford’s Joint Policing Committee on rural crime exactly one month ago.

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