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Dublin Rental Investigator tweetz:

It’s €550pm for a single bed in someone’s living room Mon-Fri only, that’s 4 nights. You must provide ‘access’ for the other residents. It’s also a licensee agreement meaning zero rights. No alcohol allowed.

NCR, Dublin 1, Dublin City Centre (

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15 thoughts on “Modern Living

  1. Martco

    ugh. my back’s already acting up just looking at that oul mattress…bet it goes very well on a bonfire

  2. Paulus

    Dragon’s Den moment:
    Put a set of bunk beds on castors in the hallway; they can be rolled over and back to allow access to different doors as needed?

  3. The Old Boy

    I live most expensive, like Tom Lipton I’m in the swim
    He’s got so much ‘oof that he sleeps on the roof
    And I live in the room over him.

  4. Dr.Fart MD

    again with this mon-fri lark. is there any other country who does that? it’s insanely mean and nasty.

    1. Sadhbh

      Very common in the UK and very useful for a lot of people. I have a few colleagues who live far away from the office or site so they need somewhere to stay during the week. They go home at weekends. In my industry (construction – design and build) we have a lot of contractors who are only hired for the length of the scheme and cannot always get work close to home.

  5. Justin

    €550 for the month except that you get kicked out each weekend so you pay for a month and instantly lose 25%.

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