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This morning.

Grafton Street, Dublin 2.

McDonald’s prepares to re-open its dining space for the first time in seven 17 weeks. Customers will be served unhappy meals via table service only and are told to expect a lot of perspex.

Well I tried to tell you so (yes, I did).

But I guess you didn’t know.


McDonalds reopens 32 restaurants to eat-in customers (RTÉ)


This lunchtime.

McDonald’s Rathfarnham, Dublin.

Leah Farrell/ Rollingnews




This afternoon.


The chips were down.

But they never gave up.

“We knew when we took on this battle that it was a David versus Goliath scenario but just because McDonald’s has deep pockets and we are relatively small in context doesn’t mean we weren’t going to fight our corner.

The original objective of our application to cancel was to shine a light on the use of trademark bullying by this multinational to stifle competition.

We have been saying for years that they have been using trademark bullying. They trademarked the SnackBox, which is one of Supermac’s most popular products, even though the product is not actually offered by them.

This is the end of the McBully.”

Supermac’s managing director Pat McDonagh this morning following an EU judgement against McDonald’s having protected use of the Big Mac trademark .


Read the judgement here

Supermac’s wins trademark case against McDonald’s (RTÉ)


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