Lourdes Visitation


Our Lady Of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda, Co Louth

The Liberal is reporting a protest is set to take place outside Our Lady Of Lourdes hospital today “in efforts to stop two abortions that are believed to be taking place”.


This morning in The Times Ireland edition.

Ellen Coyne reports:

Anti-abortion activists who tried to coax a woman into a fake scan appointment also tried to report a separate termination to gardaí last week, The Times can reveal.

Activists working for the Good Counsel Network, which runs a rogue crisis pregnancy agency in Dublin, turned up at Drogheda garda station claiming to have knowledge about an abortion performed at Our Lady of Lourdes hospital. They called for the doctors involved to be investigated and possibly prosecuted.

…Eamonn Murphy, an anti-abortion activist who works for the Woman’s Centre and the Good Counsel Network, was at Drogheda garda station last week trying to report a crime after “an innocent person was killed”.

He tried to tell a garda that the doctor involved should face a 14-year prison sentence for being involved in an “unlawful killing”.

Anti-abortion activists ‘getting details’ of cases (The Times Ireland)

Yesterday: ‘The Guy Started Screaming Down The Phone At Her’

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9 thoughts on “Lourdes Visitation

      1. dav

        I Keep thinking about that nurse who told Savita’s Husband “this is a catholic country” . This must the same thoughs that run around the heads of those leaking patient information..

        1. postmanpat

          It is a catholic country whether you like it or not. Zealots are lurking behind every corner. The end justifies the means to these sad weirdos. I don’t know why everyone gets so surprised when things like this happen. Its called “Lady of Lourdes” for Christ sake. Welcome to Ireland, check your illusion of democracy at the door. All the culcie students will be getting the early bus back to the country to beat the snow this afternoon and they will be on the first bust back to Dublin once the Sunday mass is finished. Especially if they skipped a weekend to go to Coppers last weekend instead , the guilt will be too much for their small minds.

  1. Nigel

    I think the Irish public have no stomach whatsoever for this kind of breach of privacy and public harassment of individual women making difficult medical and life choices. The referendum showed that even in the more conservative parts of the country the sympathies are with the women at the mercy of both the HSE and the politicians – creepy amoral extremist activity like this will inspire nothing but revulsion. Hopefully this sort of thing will wither on the vine before it really gets going, reduced to preachers rambling inaudibly and quoting bible verses on O’Connell Street. Still, as the last few days have shown, it only takes one insider leaking patient information and one dangerous creep on the outside willing to stalk them to be scary.

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    Ghouls and gowls who’ll step over people in sleeping bags to get to their so called “prolife” protest.

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