Bishops have asked mass-goers to ‘co-operate’ with drink-driving checkpoints near churches

A chap who they say was divine
Was known to turn water to wine
But going to mass
Won’t get you a pass
From penalty points or a fine

John Moynes


4 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. postmanpat

    co-operate? As if you should tell them to f–k off at a check point in the first place. I think the bishop is getting confused with co-operating with child rape investigations, where the church co-operation is entirety optional.

    1. Ian-O

      Snap, was going to say something similar myself, Pat.

      Does the Bishop think the plebs get to pick and choose how and when the law applies to them?

      I know hiding evidence of child sexual abuse seems to be a minor affair to the church, but to us heathens, secular law is not optional.

      Grant unto Caesar my hole.

  2. harry

    Maybe they might tell the nurses to cooperate with the HSE as government has effectively declared war on nurses judging by the threats
    Meanwhile the HSE who cannot pay nurses a liveable wage squander maybe 1.5 billion on a dodgey children hospital project without batting an eyelid

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