No ‘Early Warning System’


 Minister for Health Simon Harris appearing at a Health Committee meeting this morning

This morning.

Streaming live here.

More as we get it.

Pic via Rollingnews

Could a civil servant have alerted Simon Harris of cost overruns? (Irish Examiner)

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27 thoughts on “No ‘Early Warning System’

  1. Nancy Pelosi's Cave

    Why would you trust a man who uses hysteria and lies to defend the idea of killing babies?

    He cares nothing for your money.

    Or your children.

      1. Nancy Pelosi's Cave

        Does full term abortion float your boat Ms Murder for a lark?

        It’s the latest thing in liberal-land.

    1. Ian-O

      I don’t trust him. His record on moonbaticide tells its own tale.

      Like a Pixar movie, but with more angry ranting.

      1. Papi

        Do moonbats live in Nancy Pelosi’s cave?

        It would be moist enough, I’d say. Warm too, like a recently dead Christian.

  2. Jake38

    His panic with the Cervical Cancer screening cock-up was palpable. And his scattergun reactions have caused chaos (repeat smears for the entire country for no reason with resulting huge backlogs, outrageously expensive drug with marginal benefit first for just the 220 patients affected and then, when it was pointed out how crazy this was, for all patients with cervical cancer).

    He has been led by the nose by the media circus.

  3. ollie

    Early Warning System?
    Such as……….a project director/competent board applying basic project management skills?

    If only someone had invented sucha thing.
    Just shows how stupid Harris actually is

  4. Eoin

    Harris told RTE yesterday that he ordered “several expert reports” when concerns about costs arose last August. Six months later, where are those “expert reports”? Why do we need another €450,000 “expert report” from PwC?

  5. SOQ

    An early warning system is called a spreadsheet a little formula with turns the over runs red in colour.

    This, is waffle.

      1. SOQ

        Not at all. All PM, finance and BI solutions can export into Excel.

        You don’t need a consultant to tell you what time it is.

        The guy is clearly out of his depth.

        1. johnny

          The 80’s called they want their ‘spreadsheets’ back-they would be a small part of this project, if at all and certainly not color coded with ‘red’-duh.

  6. Optimus Grime

    Here’s an early warning system – Check quote from builder/supplier against invoice for goods/services supplied by same. If invoice amount is higher than quote raise this with the adult in charge!

  7. Frilly Keane

    Early warning system

    There are Hundreds of them already there- sitting there for the last 10 years

    Management Accountants
    Cost Accountants
    Financial Accountants
    Internal Auditors
    External Auditors
    Project Managers, Development Managers, Facilties Managers, which include QS’s usually and also a team

    Between the HSE & the Voluntary’s, the Comptroller General’s office, the OPW, the Dept of Health, the Dept of Finance slash Public Expenditure

    the Effin Cabinet of two consecutive Governments

    The Design Team
    The NCH Development office
    The Suppliers and Contractors
    the Board
    actually the boards of James’ the Maternities and the Childrens’ etc
    Public Procurement / Tender set up

    Seriously What the Effin’ Púc

    They made a mickie out of this from Day one with O’Reilly
    There were other sites sitting there in Dublin 8 and Dublin 12
    just needing a bitta’ land swap agreements with DCC

    Believe me lads
    there is no effin way this Hospital will ever function to the benefit of the Irish citizen

    Make sure yere E1 elevens’ are all up to date and in order folks
    and prepare to take yere children and grandchildren some where else

    1. Ian-O

      Did any of the above have sirens and a bat signal to be displayed on the clouds? Was there an advisory to tell you to duck and cover under a school desk?

      If not, you can hardly blame Simon, can you?

      Bloody reason, facts and logic! What about how it felt, eh?

  8. Eoin

    Is it true that Richard Boyd-Barrett said in the Dail today that Dutch construction giant, BAM has paid PwC €34 million in the last decade in fees for audits and consultancy?

    The government is now paying PwC €450,000 to investigate the huge over-run in costs at the National Childrens Hospital which is being constructed by ……. BAM.

    1. Frilly Keane

      Boom Bam ah’ Bam

      Get used to seeing PWC appear everywhere in this shambles
      Don’t be surprised if every non-profit employee stakeholder group involved in the payments register have a PWC connection

      Picture the carnage of those fields and fields of abandoned tents and rubbish at the last EP …..

      That’s the scale of this

  9. Ron

    Incompetence, ineptitude, it’s monopoly money to them. Having Harris in charge is akin to putting the student on TY Work Experience in charge of the 15billion euro Health Budget.

    Choo Choo. The gravy train is leaving the station. All aboard and leave someone else to clean up the mess.

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