Meanwhile. In Wicklow


This afternoon.

Members of ‘Fingal Battalion Direct Action’ stage a small protest outside the County Wicklow home of Minister for Health Simon Harris before being peacefully moved on by two members of An Garda Síochána.

Polite, respectful and good humoured.




New-born BABY!

Did they miss MASS?

Film at 11.

Fingal Direct Action (Facebook)

Thanks Vanessa

59 thoughts on “Meanwhile. In Wicklow

  1. Fergus the magic postman

    A few idiots, giving certain “journalists” the opportunity to report that Harris is “trapped”. FFS

  2. Ron

    Usual hyperbole sensationalism from the Indo. imagine publicly putting your name to such embarrassing tweets. The state of journalism in Ireland…

    All part of the strategy now from the media to focus on this and not the issues at the root cause of the nurses strike. watch them demonise the nurses protest. It’s a perfect turn of events for them.

  3. bertie blenkinsop

    “This is despicable – Simon Harris and his wife have a new baby.”

    That’s harsh, they’re entitled to breed even if he is a bit of an eejit Colette.

  4. Eoin

    Aww, did they not at least knock on Simon Harris’s door or ring the bell? Did they just stand outside, take a 40 second video and move on when asked by Gardai a few minutes later? Amateurs! If they were RTE at David Drumm’s house in Massachussetts, they’d be rapping on the door, telling Simon through the letter box “I can see you”, and Simon would be saying “ah, Charlie, I have my family here, have some respect”, and RTE would broadcast it to the entire world (and RTE only wanted to find out how David Drumm was going to repay a €8m loan, the over-promoted numpty at the Dept of Health is spending an extra €1 billion of our money building a hospital extension consisting of foundation, walls, windows, doors).

    Total amateurs, Fingal Battalion, next time, ring the bell!

    1. Conall

      Great comment tbf.

      What is it with all the twitter playground monitors on this – and generally.

      Of course most of them are politicians and broadcasters, who are worried that it will be their house next.

    1. Rob_G

      I bet the organisers were disappointed that he lives in a very modest house in an estate, instead of some sort of robber-baron gothic mansion.

  5. SOQ

    What is the point of this? It only gives Harris an excuse to play the victim.

    And that second video has no sound?

  6. Frilly Keane

    Here cop on everyone

    Hype by the Indo
    Or the merits of the protest

    My rebel ar5e
    I couldn’t give a rhymes with fight for either of those arguments

    Anyone who’s ever brought a new born back home knows what I mean when I say this is so out of order and imo

    They all deserve a few clatters

    The Indo for making a big deal ov’it
    And the protestors

    What if that Mum was up all night breastfeeding?

    1. SOQ

      Well she wouldn’t have been up ALL night but still, the idea of protesting outside any politician’s door is wrong. They are entitled to a private life just like the rest of us and besides, by the time it feeds into the national media it becomes a complete own goal.

      Cheap looking house all the same, on his wages? It is Wicklow mind, they’d charge you for fresh air around those parts.

      1. Frilly Keane

        And you’d know
        Would ya

        Well I do
        Lemme tell ya
        When you’re demand feeding in the weeks after believe me there’s no difference between night n’day
        Or what day of the week it is

        Between bleeding cracked nipples
        And in my case – after your guts were shoved around both in and outside, a belly so sore you have to hold it when you laugh
        Having a wash on morn noon n’night but not having had a shower yourself in days
        Ah stop

        I would do it all again
        But this carry on today
        Was totally inconsiderate and selfish

        By both the protestors needing an angle in what is now a very crowded field of play

        and the Indo looking to drive a bitta’ve spin on behalf of their biggest source of revenue and content

        All its short is the love both band wagons to wade in now

        1. SOQ

          I definitely know what sore nipples mean honey.

          Anyways, you are a qualified accountant who makes a living shafting banks on behalf of rupt people so pretty sure you can you can communicate without trying to type in the THIRD largest Irish city accent.

          Wait until they find no free GP, no free prescriptions, nuts dental prices and zero social housing eh?

          1. Frilly Keane

            Now now
            We don’t say Shafting the Banks

            I prefer
            “Putting a final cost to some of their failed lending decisions ”

            And if I can
            (Well winding BP work down so not so much anymore)
            Get a few gaffs saved or transferred to VHAs
            Well n’ good

            Tis a livin’

    2. Fairhill

      TD’s have in the past called at my house at any time they felt liked looking for a got when my kids were asleep, so fair game. Willie O Dea 8.30/9pm? FFS

      1. Fairhill

        Vote even, actually. Willie calls even when theirs no votes to be looked for. Noonan was too scared to show his face last election, but looking forward to the visit from his anointed successor, I have a few questions

        1. Frilly Keane

          Good point there
          TB Fairhill

          And Willie
          I know
          He chases ever possible vote
          No matter what the reception

          I’d say they’ll be savage craic there
          In an’ around Newport the next GE
          With AK and him

  7. Termagant

    Now I’ve known a good few babies in my time and one of the things I know is that they’re rarely busy, they don’t get up to much, especially on a Sunday

    The same is true of ministers, I’m fairly sure

    So this is hardly a major impediment

  8. A force for justice

    You obviously have no idea what it’s like in those first few months so it’s not worth enlightening you.

    1. Rob_G

      ‘Austerity’, according to one of the signs. Haven’t heard much about that in the past 4 or 5 years.

        1. Rob_G

          Could be.

          Also, the past four or five budgets were expansionary budgets, the opposite of austerity – why do you think all of the public sector workers have started to put the hand out for more money?

  9. Ron

    not too concerned about the sanctity of the private home when they are sending loyalist thugs from NI to private homes in the dead of night.

    We are in extraordinary times and it calls for extraordinary measures.

    1. Rep

      The Department of Health send loyalist thugs from NI to private homes in the dead of night?

      When did this happen?

  10. Catherine costelloe

    I think a much bigger story is “the ordinary Dublin housewife” who sent a giant ‘thank you’ card to Juncher is a marketing manager for KBC bank. The card Juncher posed with Leo with during the week ….and apparently when interviewed on Joe Duffy she wanted to “kiss” Jean Claude . Stage managed & fake news from spin Dept is likely !!! Maybe Indo could interview her!

      1. Catherine costelloe

        It’s all over social media….her name Hailey Kierse and indeed shown as KBC marketing manager!! I wouldn’t be one bit surprised at goverment spin….I wouldn’t even blink!!!

        1. Rep

          What does her working for KBC have to do with anything?

          Is it that she has a job that has you all suspicious of her or that she works for a bank?

          1. Rep

            I went back and looked. Bloody hell.

            All the people questioning her should be ashamed.

            They won’t be, but they should be.

  11. Ron

    Heres a puc of what looks like Young Fine Gael supporters trapping local residents inside their homes. Multiple new born babies reportedly in various homes. The insanity of it all..

    Just as ridiculous as this pathetic attempt to garner sympathy for the most inept incapable and incompet ent Minister the country has ever seen.

  12. millie st murderlark

    Don’t know that I would call it despicable but it’s not exactly something I think I’m okay with.

    He’s entitled to privacy, to be at home with wife and child, as much as we all are. Doesn’t excuse the absolute mountain of a mess he’s made but this kind of protest makes me uncomfortable.

  13. Johnny

    Perhaps,the govt can include ministers private residences,in the long delayed,eagerly awaited ‘exclusion zones’ around women’s health centers.
    These look rather tame in comparison to the unwashed,intimidating,rosary bed clutching neanderthals that are allowed protest by this govt. as Irish women receive health care.

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