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  1. pedantic

    Any coverage in the Irish papers about President Trump sending word to the UK that trade between both countries will be good after Brexit? The Irish papers were full of Coveney and some fellow (not the President) in America last week saying the opposite?

          1. Ron

            that surprises none of us that you found that funny. Look, there’s a dog chasing it’s tail out your window. go look!

    1. SOQ

      Do you honestly think that some sort of vague promise from a man who changes is mind more often that his socks is going make a blind bit of difference if UK crashes out of EU?

      1. ReproBertie

        It wasn’t even a promise. All he said was “With the UK we’re continuing our trade and we’re actually going to be increasing it very substantially as time goes by.” Utterly meaningless pie in the sky waffle but the Sasamachs will cling to anything that vaguely hints at good news.

          1. millie st murderlark

            I’m sure that’s a real syndrome, just like Moonbats are real.

            And then you whine that people don’t take you seriously. This is why, just in case you decide to ask again.

          2. ReproBertie

            Trump fans are so easily distracted by his meaningless pronouncements. Point out that it’s empty air and they resort to childish insults.

          3. ReproBertie

            The office of the US president used to have some dignity. Now it’s occupied. by a manbaby who trolls on the internet. USA! USA!

          4. Clampers Outside !

            Would swallowing the Jussie Smollett story be an example of hysterical TDS….

            I’m just wondering.,,, because his made up story was all MAGA this and that, and unbelievable from the moment it broke, but sooooo many bought it.

            It’s facepalm central turned all the way up to 11 :)

          5. Nigel

            Never heard of it but I’m sure it’s utterly deranged, as opposed to, say, Trump’s family separation policy. For some people ‘facepalm’ is a condemnation but separating families is a ‘shrug.’ Bet you were facepalming about that Ian Huntley thing. Facepalmed yourself good and proper I hope.

          6. Clampers Outside !

            The Ian Huntley thing (he looking to change sex) turned out to be a hoax pet.

            Your interpretation of what facepalming is, is just that, your interpretation.

            Most people I know use it to show a cringe reaction to something stupid, as I have.

            But hey, you go and exaggerate and twist it, as you do best pet, good lass. (that’s me being dismissive, by the way).

            Have a wonderful day everyone :)

      2. Eoin

        41 days to Brexit and where is the US-UK trade deal? Anyone?

        The UK has concluded four trade deals with (1) Switzerland (2) Chile (3) Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles and Zimbabwe, which, together trade as eastern and southern Africa and (4) em, the Faroe Islands.

        The UK has had nearly 32 months since the referendum and 23 months since the Art 50 notification to strike a deal with the US. That it hasn’t, what does that tell you?


      1. Ron

        Well they can’t do any worse then the current crowd of political filth. Vacron and his cabinet of merry Muppets make SF look very competent. And you know it, that’s why you feel the need to bash them in every post you make.. even when SF has nothing to do with it, you manage to weave it into every post. All you are doing is just confirming to us that you are in fact a lunatic.

          1. Ron

            Murdering people? what are you on about? Are you talking about the state and the cervical cancer smear scandal and the states utter ineptitude and incompetence managing it? I wouldn’t call that murder but it is kind of like involuntary corporate manslaughter.

      2. realPolithicks

        “Great we can expect more SF/IRA loons in here”

        Haha the irony of you making this comment is delicious.

  2. SOQ

    NCH- Mr Pollock “stated that only two Irish construction companies had the capacity to undertake such a large project on their own, and he was of the belief that there would be little or no international interest in a retender, including because of the belief that the incumbent Bam would have an insurmountable advantage in any retendering process”.

    Well, does it matter if BAM get the contract again as long as the costs are brought down? It looks like it was the tenders that were wrong not the contractor although by not querying the anomalies, they certainly had a part to play.

    1. Cian

      Why would the costs come down if it is retendered?
      If the original tender was incomplete or wrong – leading to the companies lowballing the figure, if a new correct tender is issued then the companies will submit the higher ‘correct’ price. No?

      1. SOQ

        That depends on where the fault lies really. If the tenders were incomplete or with serious omissions then yes I expect the price would be higher, but still not nearly as high as now.

        It would be a rewriting of the tenders rather than a re-tender because as this stage, they know specifically where the over runs happened. Is it worth it? Personally I think so because the whole thing now lacks credibility.

          1. Johnny

            Shrill :)

            Enjoy your Saturday Cian,last thing I want do on my day off is get into construction contracts-I waste enough time during week on them.

            Yes BAM will happily,gladly walk away upon prompt payment of its termination fee.
            It’s the clients responsibility,in this case the Minister,that is who is culpable,not a wise ass contractor exploiting this inexperienced and naive minister.

          2. realPolithicks

            “inexperienced and naive minister”

            That describes this entire government, they haven’t two halves of a clue to rub together.

  3. Eoin

    Why is the Irish media letting Leo’s spokespeople get away with dismissing questions about what Leo said about the over-run at the NCH earlier this week

    “There are one or two contractors who, quite frankly, I would not like to see get a public contract again in this State”

    He was obviously thinking about one or two specific contractors. Name them and shame them. Yesterday, Leo’s spokesperson said he didn’t have any specific contractor in mind when he made the comments. Why is Leo treating us like eejits, of course he had one or two in mind.

    1. SOQ

      I doubt if he can name them and then continue with the project because they would just walk off site. Even what he said was a bit close to the bone. Bottom line is, if those tenders were tight, this sort of over run could not have happened.

  4. Eoin

    Bloomberg and Reuters have far better contacts on Irish/EU discussions on Brexit than RTE, Irish Times or the Indo. The story on the front page of the Indo is based on a Reuters report of a discussion between Leo and Frau Merkel in “early January”, it’s hardly news at all at this stage and all it is, the bleeding obvious, if there is no deal and the UK is outside the EU, Ireland will need goods and people checks on the border with Northern Ireland.

  5. Eoin

    Funny story in the Irish Times about “celebrity” solicitor, witness at Sgt McCabe tribunal (and former honorary consul to Moldova, according to the IT) Gerald Kean.

    “A security company acting on behalf of the Dublin City Sheriff has taken possession of offices occupied by solicitor Gerald Kean, The Irish Times has learned.

    A private security guard at the door of the office, on Pembroke St in the south of the city, confirmed he was acting on instructions from the court, that the premises had been secured on Friday morning and was now empty.”

    Gerald tells the IT he’s moving to bigger premises, though there seems to be a glaring omission and opportunity for advertising by not revealing the address of the new “bigger premises”.

    Gerald claims he had agreed with the landlord of his (smaller) offices that he’d leave by the end of January, but he was only able to find new larger offices last week. Yes Ted, it would have been prudent if he’d found the new (unspecified) premises before he agreed to leave the old premises. And also Ted, it would have prudent if, having been unable to find new premises, you agreed emergency terms with the landlord, and finally Ted, it is indeed indecently fast for the sheriff to install a security company just 14 days after you were due to move out.

    Anyway, can’t wait to find out the address of his new (larger) premises.


          1. Ron

            After that solicitors absolutely disgusting, bottom of the barrel behaviour and what he did to Maurice Mc Cabe he deserves EVERYTHING he gets! Leave him be! That’s the problem in this country, people are all too willing to just leave it be! Let’s not leave it be and let’s single this bufoon out and destroy him the same way he recklessly contributed to destroying Maurice Mc Cabe!.

  6. Johnny

    Why haven’t the property obsessed irish MSM reported on Portugal’s stalled property market,or do they only report good mews !
    Can’t have people thinking that property prices may actually fall,or there’s no buyers.Its fair assume one two irish banks have some exposure here.

    ‘The director of real estate sales at the resort belonging to Irish billionaire Denis O’Brien has potential clients with a lot riding on how the U.K. exits the European Union on March 29. Quinta do Lago, with its golf courses and multi million-dollar ocean-facing villas, counts British nationals among its biggest buyers. And with the pound’s value likely to depend on whether the U.K. crashes out of the bloc without a deal or has a more orderly exit, some potential customers have hit the pause button.‘


    1. Cian

      Because the Irish media tends to report on Irish issues?
      And the Portuguese property market is of zero interest to most people in Ireland. Should they report on the Thai property market? Or Brazilan?

      1. rotide

        No, they should only report on Irish, Portugeues and of course Haitian issues.

        All the better to give Johnny his DoB Erection

        1. Johnny

          -at your age nothing but a distant memory….
          Is your life so devoid of meaning,do you get overwhelmed a lot by a sense of failure,get some help Ro your obsession with me is unhealthy,not good look for a oul fella.

  7. Johnny

    New book by French journalist looks quite the read….

    ‘Although the book does not conflate homosexuality with the sexual abuse of children, Martel describes a secretive culture among priests that creates conditions in which abuse is not confronted, say people familiar with the book’s contents.

    According to Bloomsbury’s promotional material, Inside the Closet “reveals secrets” about celibacy, misogyny and plots against Pope Francis. It uncovers “a clerical culture of secrecy which starts in junior seminaries and continues right up to the Vatican itself”.

    Francis has riled his conservative critics in the Vatican over his apparently softer tone towards gay people. A few months into his papacy, he told reporters who asked about a “gay lobby” at the Vatican: “If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge?”


    1. Johnny

      Front page NYT-‘first time a cardinal in the United States has been defrocked, or laicized, from the Roman Catholic Church, and the first time any cardinal has been laicized for sexual abuse. Laicization, which strips a person of all priestly identity, also revokes church-sponsored resources like housing and financial benefits.‘

      ‘In August, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, the former papal ambassador in Washington, wrote a scathing letter arguing that rampant homosexuality in the priesthood had caused the child abuse crisis and that the Vatican hierarchy had covered up accusations that Mr. McCarrick had sexually abused seminarians. The letter claimed that Francis had empowered the American prelate despite knowing about the abuses years before they became public‘


        1. Johnny

          Disappeared down a rabbit hole with that link Justin-enjoyed the piece on Newman’s Bigletto Speech-thanks :)

          1. newsjustin

            That site is interesting. It has a….robust….point of view. Traditionalist. And it’s worth noting that traditionalist Catholics are no fans of Francis or many, many of the RCC’s current crop of “leaders”.

          2. SOQ

            Milo Yiannopoulos has wrote a new book apparently, something about de-gaying the Catholic Church.

            He pee’ed off the Prods so now batting the eyelashes at American Catholics. He’s also now claiming that male homosexuality is deviant and lesbians are just doing what they do because they were treated badly by men.

            Whatever sells books I suppose.

  8. Ron

    Front page of the Indo rag. Merkel tell Varadkar that a hard border is on the table and Vacron blushes like an emabarassed schoolgirl that she talks to him.

    Remember how the political filth went on every media outlet and lied to to the Irish people about the IMF coming in here. Remember that? Remember then they said they had to tell those lies in order to ‘protect’ us lol. Do you all remember that? Remember the silly voter just accepted that? Remember you all did that?

    Well they are going to repeat that very successful strategy with Brexit. They are going to lie to you on every media outlet that there is no hard border until… boom! overnight it will be a hard border. And it will move so fast from idea to reality when that happens that you thick Irish Paddy voters won’t have had time to digest your potatoes..

    Varadkar realises his days as leader are numbered. He will sell this country out to preserve himself in a cushy European number…

  9. Ron

    Very depressing interview today on RTE with the boy Harris. I’ll break it down for you thick Irish Paddy voters to tell you exactly what it means. Your welcome!

    Minister for Health Simon Harris has indicated the Government will not be re-tendering for the building of the National Children’s Hospital.

    So essentially the Minister is saying that the status quo will continue and the PWC report is nothing but a smokescreen excercise because regardless of its findings the current build and tender will continue. The silly voter is paying 440,000 euros for that smokescreen lol. He is preempting the outcome of the report. Only ones who benefit here are the consultants creaming it yet again of the Irish taxpayer.

    Mr Harris said he wanted everyone to continue to do what they had signed up to do, “which is to build the hospital that children so desperately need”. 

    Lol. Too right they all want to continue with what they signed up for. A lot of people stand to make a lot of money from this incredible mismanagement and incompetence. BAM are all to aware of how the rules were lightly adhered to and they know they have the government by the short and curlies in relation to this contract. Hence they fired their shot across the bow yesterday by suggesting they will walk away. It’s like those loo la couples on Facebook bringing their relationship disputes to all and sundry.

    Speaking on RTÉ’s Marian Finucane show, Mr Harris said there can be “no going back” on the current project.

    However, he said if the PwC report into cost overruns at the hospital suggests any other course of action, the Government will take them very seriously.

    Like the broadband report delivered by the one man consultant who was the process auditor of the project, there will be no negative findings, so the Ministers statement above is just a continuation of the ‘pull the smokescreen over the eyes of the taxpayer’ strategy that has worked so far. The ultimate goal is to manage the optics of this incompetence and ineptitude that has been the hall mark of this debacle from the very start.

    Asked about a statement from BAM, in which the company said it had written to the Taoiseach seeking clarification on comments he made in the Dáil on Tuesday, Mr Harris said: “The Taoiseach made very clear in his statement that he wasn’t talking about any particular company and the record of the Dáil shows that.

    “No one is blaming anyone here, what people are saying, including the Taoiseach, is there is an inquiry, can we let it look into the issues and see where it brings us.”

    Varadkar full of the usual wind and piss when it comes to his sound bites. The media advisors who write these speeches and sound bites for him, are in my opinion, some of the most inept and incompetent people the country has ever produced. Ohhh but the massive salaries, they are laughing all the way to the bank. Varadkar is just inept. Full stop.

    Mr Harris said he did not believe the Taoiseach needed to provide any further clarification on his comments, adding the Government would follow the evidence in relation to the PwC report.

    “You don’t ask a group of auditors to go in and look at a thing and then start putting out caveats and apologies in advance of it,” he said.

    The Minister is so inept. So inexperienced. So incompetent that he doesn’t even realise what it is he is saying anymore. Refer to my first point to see how they have already preempted this scam of a report.

    The minister dismissed suggestions that the relationship between the Government and the contractor was “toxic”.

    It’s anything but toxic. They are both of the same cloth. Lol. In my opinion,they couldn’t be anymore joined at the hip.

    Asked about a demonstration outside his home last weekend, Mr Harris said such action was a clear attempt to intimidate him and his neighbours.

    He said his wife and child had been “followed” home by protesters, and he described their action as a “violation, intimidation and thuggery”.

    A handful of people had a peaceful demonstration on the public footpath outside the house on the street where he lives. They fully complied with the Gardai in moving on. Usual hyperbole from the political filth to demonize any type of protest against their incompetence and ineptitude.

    During the interview, Mr Harris also dismissed suggestions that he was not experienced enough to do his job, saying he had not come from the generation that “bankrupted the country”, and that experience should be linked to “values and judgement, not age”.

    I really did LOL at that comment. He is the most inexperienced, incompetent Minister this country has ever had the misfortune to have to endure and the silly voters who elected him should be held to account for their absolute moronic actions at the ballot box.

      1. Giggidygoo

        Wel, wasn’t that a poor attempt at deflection.?
        The boy Harris is a college drop-out. If he can’t hack college, why would you think he is suitable to be a government minister – health minister at that?

    1. Yep

      Nobody elected him Minister. The sillies who voted for him are the ones in his constituency that voted for him to represent them. I would guess many who voted for him would not have done so if they knew he would be given the job. It was a terrible appointment. Same with Murphy. Stop blaming the people who voted for any party for whatever reason you twitbiscuit.

      *You’re welcome, man of no nation.

      1. Ron

        the silly voter is a phenomenon not confined to one constituency. It’s across most constituencies. sorry, but the truth is sometimes hard to hear.

        1. millie st murderlark

          Wow you’re so much more enlightened.

          Omg we’re so lucky to be graced by your presence. Can someone break out the good biscuits?

          1. Ron

            I know it’s not an easy thing to hear. I’m not including everyone in it. There are many intelligent voters. But there is a large cohort of silly voters that ensures the continuous survival of these inept politicians. Your welcome for the enlightenment

          2. millie st murderlark

            In fairness I don’t disagree Ron. But perhaps bear in mind that you can catch more flies with honey.

            I didn’t say thank you, btw, but I did suggest biscuits. The good ones, of course.

          3. Yep

            Maybe YOU’RE right, Ron. Maybe they just don’t learn from their mistakes. What is an intelligent voter? Genuine question.

          4. Ron

            And if it happened only once that they were elected you could say the Irish voted took learning from that. But… they are continuously relected.. even after it’s proven they are liars and cheats. Explain that?

          5. SOQ

            I’ll have some of those plant based bikkies from M & S Millie. Cheers luv. They are in the fridge section so you’d be in a hurry as they probably won’t be there this time next month. xx.

          6. SOQ

            I’ll have some of those plant based bikkies from M & S Millie. Cheers luv. They are in the fridge section so you’d be in a hurry as they probably won’t be there this time next month. xx.

  10. zorba the greek

    I do not believe in pestering politicians as everyone deserves peace and mind but saying that
    How many people living here have that so

    Let this new type of shaming be Ireland version of yellow vests

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