‘Shame On You’


This afternoon.

US president Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen testifies publicly against Mr. Trump before the House Oversight Committee.

Michael Cohen’s Congressional Testimony: Live Updates (New York Times)

27 thoughts on “‘Shame On You’

  1. Nigel

    I can’t see attacking Cohen as a liar and a crook as being such a great strategy for the GOP when he was, after all, Trump’s personal lawyer and his Executive Vice President and the deputy chair of the Republican finance committee, so he was Trump’s, and the GOP’s, liar and crook.

    1. The Old Boy

      I think the “great strategy” such as it is, is to bawl arrant nonsense until everyone with an ounce of sense and decency gives up and goes home. Like Violet Bott, declaring, “I’ll squeam and squeam untill I’m thick!”

      1. Nigel

        Let him prove what he can and go to jail for longer if he gets caught lying. This is like a mob trial in that respect, and a few others. Meanwhile the Republicans suddenly think lying is a serious character flaw.

        1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

          Every politicians comfort level with lies is directly related with that lies likelihood to keep them into power /get them kicked out.

      2. Starina

        I believe him when there’s evidence to back it up. His comment that there was a payoff of 15k to hush up a lovechild that doesn’t exist seems a bit far-fetched, but he’s provided documentation for other parts.

        If we never put faith in testimony from proven liars, there would never be mob convictions ever. It’s calculated risk. I liked how Ocasio-Cortez’s questions were about getting names for further corroboration.

  2. eoin

    Cohen has no general credibility, he’s a liar, con-man, disbarred and about to be slung into federal prison.

    His only utility in these rarefied surroundings is his capacity to expose specific and verifiable relevant information. He’s been in the hot seat for a few hours now and there doesn’t appear to be anything.

    1. Junkface

      Where do you think he picked up this behaviour from? His former boss, Trump has proven himself to be the BIGGEST LIAR of all time! He has racked up more lies than all of the other presidents put together in one year! There are thousands of videos you can watch were Trump contradicts himself and even forgets his own lies. Its a farce.

      I’d like to see Michael Cohen’s references or letters from clients before he was hired by Trump. Like many of Trump’s employees, he’s kind of rubbish at his profession, and therefore desperate to please his boss. That’s the pattern. Look at the current White House staff, and all of the sackings.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        “picked up this behaviour from”…….at his age.

        I have Life of Brian “naughty boy” in my head now LOL

    2. realPolithicks

      “Cohen has no general credibility, he’s a liar, con-man, disbarred and about to be slung into federal prison.

      This guy was trumps personal lawyer for 12 years, he knows where the bodies are buried you can be sure of that.

  3. eoin

    While Cohen was hogging the limelight today, what happened to Pat Rabitte who was appearing at a nomination hearing in the Oireachtas following his appointment as chairman of Tusla? Did he say what he needed to say in these situations?

    1. Nigel

      I don’t. He tried for it three times. He hates losing. Imagine him losing to a woman. He might have thought he’d lose and acted as if he never wanted it, and he was unsuited and unprepared for it, but he wanted it. That’s the one bit of mindreading I’ll willingly venture.

      1. edalicious

        I think you’re both right, in a way; I reckon he wanted to win the election but didn’t actually want to have to do all of the stuff required of a president. He wanted to win the presidency but not actually be the president.

  4. Junkface

    No, I think he just wanted the Publicity, Air time and raising of his profile. It was a stunt that paid off before in early 2000’s and 2012, this time he wanted it to pay off Big! I don’t think he genuinely wanted to be President. Sure he wanted to keep living in Trump tower in NY at the start. He actually wanted to know why that wasn’t possible for a president.

  5. Emily Dickinson

    Why would Trump want to be president? As a private citizen he was printing money and banging porn stars. He probably curses the day he got elected. His whole campaign was a publicity stunt that ran out of control.

    As for Cohen branding the guy a philandering racist etc, tell us something we don’t know. Even the people who voted for him are under no illusions. The only issue for Trump is the possible legal fallout. There’s recent precedent. John Edwards was prosecuted for making similar payments.

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