For Your Consideration


‘Someone For Everyone’

Episode 1: Miriam and Freddie

Starring Pearl O’Rourke and Mark Cantan.

Pearl writes:

My partner, Mark and I have put out a couple of episodes of our improvised mockumentary dating show (we play different characters in each episode) and we’re getting great feedback on Facebook. We’d love to get it out there more and thought Broadsheet readers might be into it…

Filmed by Luke Benson and Shane Robinson.

Episode 2 here

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8 thoughts on “For Your Consideration

  1. Dhaughton99

    Bit long for me but put in the first 5 mins. Just not for me. Not sure if it’s a comedy or just pee taking but good luck with it anyway.

  2. Dave

    About as funny as a kick in the bollocks, and I know, I’ve been kicked in the bollocks a lot

  3. Goodnight Ireland

    Watched the first episode there and it’s decent. I will give the second one a look later. I wasn’t particularly laughing but it is better than most RTE stuff.

  4. Ann

    Watched it over a cup of tea, thoroughly enjoyed it.

    The characters here are really fun, I hope we see more of them and not only a series of newly invented characters each week. I wanna know where these two end up.

  5. Verbatim

    A bit awkward at the beginning but it gets a lot better in the second episode. “I like to push him… around”
    Great actors.

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