Dublin Pub Personality of the Year John Gallagher with his ‘Theresa Maytini’ cocktail ahead of Searson’s Brexit Party (above)

Free Friday, March 29?

Searson’s, Baggot Street, Dublin 4 will host the ‘ultimate send-off’ for the UK as they wave goodbye to the EU.

Sinéad writes:

With the proviso that if the UK is granted an extension, guests will enjoy a bar extension and with free admission, and a live gig by The Backstop Boys*, this is a night not be to be missed.

Searson’s, with bar manager John Gallagher – winner of Dublin Bar Personality of the Year in the 2018 Irish Pub Awards – will be decked out with EU balloons and bunting.

Special cocktails, created for the night, include The ‘Theresa Maytini’ – a Martini with a sour twist – an ‘Old Fashioned Tory’ and ‘D.U.Pina Colada’ & more…



* The Backstop Boys are a one-off EU supergroup, formed specially for the night, featuring Joe Leech, Mark Maguire and Damian Butler from the Last Waltz and the Bootleg Beach Boys.

Pic: Michael Dunne

16 thoughts on “Toodle Pip

  1. Optimus Grime

    Ah Johnny Gall my old colleague from Kiely’s, good to see he’s doing well! I should point out he is pure stone mad!

          1. bertie blenkinsop

            North County Dublin is not terribly specific Mildred, I’ve been wandering around like JR Hartley for years now….

  2. Ian-O

    Sounds like the worst possible time ever.

    As for the ‘personality’ who came up with it, what an absolute genius. Yeah, let’s celebrate a potentially massive blow to our economy with a green cocktail.

    The idiocy knows no bounds…..and the food in there is crap too. In MY OPINION before anyone tries to sue Broadsheet.

    Just realized it run by Berties good buddy Charlie Chawke.

    Explains the utter lack of class about the place.

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