Was It For This?



A Remain-backing caller stunned LBC listeners when he said the answer to the Irish border question was to invade the Republic of Ireland.

Steve was repeatedly branded “stupid” for his suggestion by fellow caller Peter who was on the line at the same time.

“We could invade [Ireland],” Steve said during his call to [presenter] Tom Swarbrick (above).

We’ve invaded Iraq, we’ve invaded Afghanistan, why not Ireland?”

Caller’s Solution To Post-Brexit Irish Border Problem? Invade Ireland…(LBC)

30 thoughts on “Was It For This?

  1. Sam

    The Imperial urge isn’t driven out of them yet. They still think the butcher Churchill was the best of them…

      1. shortforBob

        That’s the best thing I’ve seen since the website that told you if is Andy Murray was Scottish or British today.

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    Perhaps Steve doesn’t yet know that it was a comedy sketch he watched on Sunday and Steve Coogan was in caricature.

  3. Dub Spot

    But they already have invaded. 250K passports since January already… Good luck with the IT Property Section today.

    1. fFs

      They’ll not be moving here – they just want an EU passport to avoid possible non-eu taxes in the future and to just have the option

  4. The Great Wall of Gammon

    They’d also be invading a member state of the EU. Yis id be grand with an EU army them…. priceless all the same.

  5. Ann

    Am I the only one who can clearly hear that the first time he says it he says ‘Well we could invade *Northern* Ireland’ (at 48 seconds in) before the presenter redirects him a bit further south??

    Makes the whole thing a layer even deeper into batshit territory.

    Deep down I hope these callers are all actors but in my heart I know they’re real live gammon pulled in on the A5. :(

  6. martco

    I’ll have to listen in to LBC more often, that was funny

    unfortunately it’s also showing what a several decades deep secondary education malfunction has done to many over yonder

    it’s why many of them don’t see nevermind smell a rat when it’s right in front of them

    1. Mickey Twopints

      I’ve made LBC my go-to radio station over the last few weeks to keep a watch on Brexit. James O’Brien is on from 10:30 most mornings and he’s well worth listening to, particularly when he eviscerates the occasional ill-informed Brexiteer who phones in.

      If you’re really hardy, you could listen to Farage in the evenings and even the occasional shovelful of that lad from the Munsters, JRM.

  7. ReproBertie

    “We should invade Ireland. It’s called democracy,” says Remainer Steve.

    An buachaill eile wants us to rejoin the UK based on the Irish getting on OK together “if you let them.”

    We could blame their education system but I’d be looking closely at the lowest common denominator media that never lets facts get in the way of a good headline.

    1. Otis Blue

      Their education system is taking quite the beating at the moment. This from The Guardian…

      “Ireland’s Twitterverse is roasting Tory MEP Daniel Hannan for bungling Irish history in a Telegraph article and then refusing to admit his mistake.

      In citing Ireland as an example of baleful EU influence, the Brexiteer wrote that Fianna Fáil won every Irish election between 1932 and 2008.

      The party in fact lost six times. When challenged about this and other points this week Hannan doubled down in a tweet.

      “I managed a Double First in Modern History from Oxford. One of the things I was taught is that historians necessarily have different takes on the same events. Please try to accept that yours is not the only interpretation.”

      Mockery has ensued via the hashtag #HannanIrishHistory positing revisionist interpretations of Irish history, such as the ambulance siren being invented in Nenagh, County Tipperary, and Michael Collins faking his own death in 1922 in an insurance scam before fleeing to America, piloting the Apollo 11 mission and being immortalised in the song In The Air Tonight written by his brother Phil.”

      Where’s Ollie/Charger these days?

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