Divide And Misrule


Yesterday morning.

Free the lanes.

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  1. postmanpat

    He shouldn’t be parked there but then again where else are businesses supposed to unload? It’s not like its some fat king of the road range rover driver type popping in for a coffee and danish, If the blinkers are on , a few minutes isn’t going to kill any cyclist who is paying attention. Just cycle around the van. No drama. Now, if a car behind a cyclist start beeping because the cyclist is out of his “box” going around the van even though the cyclist had right of way, then certainly, go nuts at the driver of the car. I’ve been cyclist these ‘mean streets’ for decades, the only thing more annoying than cars , vans, and fat loser Rangerover drivers hogging a cycle lane , is the four eyed, reflector , side mirror on the handlebar (seriously?) go pro on helmet dorky sensitive type cyclists stopping to shake there fist and causing more disruption to normal cyclists who are just trying to get from A to B. Just cycle around. Extra time added to journey = about 0.5 seconds.

    1. George

      Your “couple of minutes” reference makes no sense in the context of road transportation a cyclist only passes any given spot for a couple of seconds.

      Parking in the cycle lane creates extra risks for cyclists. If you are only taking 0.5 seconds to get around this van then you are putting yourself in very serious risk of being hit by a passing car.

      1. George

        As to where they should unload. He could park around the corner where there is no cycle lane and walk a few metre. There are also two lanes for cars to use so he could stay out of the cycle lane and stop in the left lane. The “couple of minutes” rule surely applies here as the cars can just go around?

        1. SB

          Good point, there are two “car” lanes so surely it wouldn’t be a problem for motorists for the the van to park in one of them for “just a few minutes”? Hazard lights on make anything legal.

      2. postmanpat

        okay , real world situation,:you are cycling on a cycle lane . using your eyes, you notice a vehicle is parked on your cycle lane 200 yards away directly in your path, this is very easy to see because presumably you are looking straight ahead while cycling. You are now one hundred yards away from the parked vehicle. You check your right hand side to see cars driving beside you , the driver of these cars can also see you, and also see the vehicle parked illegally in the cycle lane. Before you get to the parked vehicle you pull out slightly this coupled with the look over your shoulder, indicates to any observing motorist that you intend to cycle around the parked vehicle (rather than ‘through it’ like a ghost or superhero with ghost phasing abilities ) , the cars that are now beside you and have seen you and the parked vehicle while observing the road, drive ahead to give you an opening, the next car back who sees what you are doing and rather than run over you and knowing that you technically have the right of way, keeps back a few seconds for you to go around the offending obstacle. Once you go back into the cycle lane the car can now pass you safely. At the end of the day ,and in broad daylight, What real danger where you reall…… BANG!!!, oh god !that rangerover just hit that cyclist!!!!! Rangerover driver puts away mobile phone that they were operating illegally while driving (but no one witnessed thanks to tinted glass) and gets out of the oversized monstrosity… “oh my god, the bike came out of nowhere!!” ….ect

        1. Sham Bob

          Possibly a lot more contra-flow cycle lanes in Cork compared to Dublin, but people parking on those is even more of a hazard.

          You’re cycling along, there’s a van in your lane, you have to swerve out onto the road against oncoming traffic to get around, or give up and get up on the footpath. If the van left enough room to pass on the inside it would be something.

      3. Noel Jackson

        Snowflake … ..get over it and go round …..not like cyclists contribute as all other vehicles do …..if something is in my way I use a massive computer ( my brain) and just simply go round ……..chill

    2. Andrew

      Gully agree with postmanpat here. Cyclists should pick their battles better.
      Delivery driver just trying to do his job. Lighten up ffs!

    3. Eoineyo

      I get the impression that some cyclists (including the photographer) are under the impression that they shouldn’t have their journey impaired whatsoever, as you said it is a minor delay for any cyclist that is using the roads with care and consideration, that means slowing down, removing the ear phones, looking around and indicating to the other road users their intentions just like every other road user has to.
      Cyclists you may need to be treated like children but please you are not the center of the universe, you are just another person, a very vulnerable one so behave like you are not bulletproof.

    4. henry

      If businesses cannot get deliveries then businesses who pay the rates cannot function
      I just wonder will a bicycle ever create one job?
      Articles like this just show the stupidity of who posted it as it really speaks volumes

        1. ReproBertie

          Don’t be silly Nigel. Bicycles spring up overnight like mushrooms. There are no jobs involved in designing, manufacturing, supplying, selling or maintaining bicycles.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        +1 for henry

        next those bicycle fanboys will be telling us that people on bikes are cycling to work where they earn money, pay tax and create wealth

        like yeah right

  2. Boj

    Blow it up to get it out of the way..how very dare they. I hope they end up burning in agony for eternity in hell, or a week in Leitrim…

      1. George

        There is no requirement to blur a van registration least of all on a vehicle owned by a business.

  3. Dr.Fart MD

    driving OVER the divide, is indefensible. That’s brute ignorance. That’s the actions of someone who gets out of the car to scream in windows of pregnant ladies who didn’t let them in their lane.

  4. Just Sayin

    For tootly-pumpkins sake, it is permitted to drop passengers, or to unload on a double yellow line (note the side door of van is open) also it is permitted to drive on and even park on (for 30 mins) advisory cycle lanes.

    Even if if were illegal we should cut the van driver some slack as he is doing a very important job (delivering beer)

    1. George

      Not correct, there is no parking permitted on Double yellows lines at any time whether unloading or not.

      1. Just Sayin


        36. (1) Save as otherwise provided for in these Regulations and subject to article 5, a vehicle shall not be parked on a public road at a location, in a manner or for a purpose referred to in this article.

        (2) A vehicle shall not be parked—

        ( a ) on that side of a section of roadway along the edge of which traffic sign number RRM 008 [double yellow lines] has been provided;

        5. (2) ( e ) a prohibition on the parking of a vehicle imposed by article 36(2)(a) shall not apply to a vehicle parked while goods are being loaded in or on to it or unloaded from it, for a period not exceeding thirty minutes from the commencement of the parking.

        1. George

          That is an absolute joke, you can block a fire station or ambulance bay for 30mins if you’re unloading. Needs to be changed.

          1. Just Sayin

            section 36(2)(a) prohibits parking on double yellow
            section 36(2)(f) prohibits blocking ambulance or firestation etc…

            the exemption for loading only applies to (a)

            You seem pretty clueless, perhaps you could get a job with the RSA.

  5. Just Sayin

    Why is there a pole in the middle of the left hand driving lane?

    Remember that the cycle lane is ‘advisory’ so the left edge of the driving lane is the kerb rather than the dotted line.

    1. Rob_G

      Double yellow line isn’t ‘advisory’.

      Seriously, stop digging, the more you post about road traffic rules, the worse it’s getting.

  6. Pip

    In Merrie England there do be double red lines here and there, like central London for example.
    They mean no stopping at all, at all.

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