The Kitchen In Your Bedroom




Dublin Rental Investigator tweetz:

Ireland 2019 land of bunkbeds, sheds and sofas. €420pm to live in a sitting room. A curtain as privacy from the 5 tenants using the kitchen in your bedroom. You get a shelf in a fridge, a cupboard & 3 drawers….


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19 thoughts on “The Kitchen In Your Bedroom

  1. RT

    Reported to I’m fairly certain “.phone test only 0871870657.please mention your nationality.thanks” (sic) contravenes discrimination clauses on nationality

    Feel free to continue reporting after my one :-)

  2. realPolithicks

    Some of these places look like death traps, presumably it will take a few deaths before anything is done about these kips.

  3. eoin

    How much did the Fallon brothers get their grubby hands on for that listing – €175 (featured rental ad), €95 (premium, high priority) or €45 (standard rental listing)?

    “THE millionaire Fallon brothers have shared a further €8m dividend windfall with other shareholders from their online group of companies this year and last year… The revenues include the income generated by the and the Done Deal websites. “

    Total tooty pants.

    1. Nullzero

      Fair play to them. Fair play, fair play, fair play.
      If they didn’t do it someone else would, no housing crisis, just scroungers looking for handouts. Fair play, fair play.

    2. Qwerty123

      How are they tooty pants exactly? Daft advertises properties, they don’t inspect. Your anger is misdirected

      1. Gerry

        They choose to allow people to post properties of very low quality and sometimes properties that appear to lack cooking facilities (a legal requirement).

        1. Qwerty123

          So when somebody posts something racist or offensive on, it is their fault too? It’s a website that lists properties, I doubt they have somebody inspecting each post, and people can always report inappropriate posts, like the above listing.

          Basic requirements and fire should be checked by the council using qualified staff.

          Total tooty pants is harsh language imo

          1. Toe Up

            Boards have moderators who actively remove comments that do not adhere to their policies and can ban posters who regularly contravene the rules.

            Daft should be obliged to review listings before they are published and to report suspect listings such as this to the PSRA or RTB.

          2. eoin

            If charge you €175 to post a comment, then yes, they should be responsible if you post something racist. €175 should be enough to pay for someone, say at €20 an hour, to look at your comment and judge if it is racist, and still leave a healthy profit for the owners who operate the site.

            I think the now-neutered language I used above was spot-on, and the more you connect these vile ads to specific names and faces, the sooner they’ll take action to clean up their business.

          3. Qwerty123

            So the person who operates the website that advertises and charges for house share ads is the problem. It is definitely not the lack of council inspection, landlords themselves, prtb and in this case current tenants fault (which I doubt even the landlord might know what’s going on)


          4. SOQ

            You are correct is saying that daft did not create the accommodation crisis but where is the line? 6-8-10 to a room?

            Any advert which pictorially beeches the law should not be advertised because in the case of serious harm or death, they may find themselves in a situation where they are liable by complicity.

    1. Qwerty123

      I know, lets not forget the evening herald also. Old school tootey pants behaviour from them in the pre daft days. I was overcharged by a taxi driver and his car was filthy, I obviously blame the car dealer for selling him the car. Tootey pants car dealer responsible for bad taxis.

  4. Dr.Fart MD

    is the table.. gift wrapped? also, in the description “Deep sleeper will be preferred” lolol is that coz the busy street ooorrrr coz you live in the kitchen where 5 people will need to go in n out of? christ

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