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This afternoon.

People Before Profit Dublin City Councillor Tina MacVeigh writes:

Information about rents for Dublin City Council tenants.

Folks, I have been on to the Dublin City Council Housing Manager to find out what is being done for tenants who have lost their income due to the coronavirus.

Please DO NOT STRESS if you cannot pay your rent.

“ou can call the central number [01] 222 2222 and ask for the Rents Section, talk to them about your new circumstances and your rent will be adjusted straight away.

But if you don’t have the time or the space to do this for whatever reason, again people are not to stress.

I’m not stressing.

You’re stressing.

Pic: Dublin City Architects

Laura Gaynor on losing your mind looking for a gaff of your own.

Dublin estate agent advert

One hundred per cent.

On a war footing: How the biggest parties want to tackle the housing crisis (Sean Keyes, The Currency)

This evening.

An advertisement spotted on Gumtree for “pod” living in Dublin.

The ad states:

“Welcome to POD Living.

Close to city centre. 12min walk to Spire.

This is ideal accommodation for medium term stays (i.e. 6 – 12 months).

Each pod is secure, safe and self-contained.

Pods come with lockable doors, LED light, memory foam mattresses, personal charge units, TVs, air vents, a personal code lock safe for valuables, mirrors, key cards and much much more!

There are also secure lockers available in each bedroom.

We want guests who are sociable but also respect other people’s privacy. Our guests are from all over the world.

Each room has 2-4 pods and are single sex. i.e. one for boys, one for girls.

There is one bathroom for each pod room. And of course there is a kitchen and chill-out area/sitting room.

Please note: This is not a party house :) Many of our guests are here to study and expect a good nights sleep. We have a zero noise policy after 9pm.

Pods are €125 per week and require a minimum of three months stay.

Bills are €5 per week (electricity, water, WIFI, cleaner, fresh towels).

Please email for further details PodLivingDublin@gmail.com”


Pod Living in Dublin (Gumtree)

Thanks Carlosfandango

Geo writez:

Hi, I was hoping you may be able to help with a college project I’m working on with a friend of mine. We’re trying to create an app to improve the buying/renting experience of people in Ireland (it’s horrific). If you could share this survey it would be really appreciated.

In fairness.

You can do the survey here

Ah here.

Saoirse Flynn tweetz:

Emailed a potential landlord about an apartment, and they come back to me saying if I’m a student they require 5 months rent in advance, the monthly rent is €1,050 by the way, what kind of elitist asks for €5,250 upfront off a STUDENT? Absolute disgrace.



There you go now.

Good times.

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Dublin Rental Investigator tweetz:

Ireland 2019 land of bunkbeds, sheds and sofas. €420pm to live in a sitting room. A curtain as privacy from the 5 tenants using the kitchen in your bedroom. You get a shelf in a fridge, a cupboard & 3 drawers….



Sam Boal/Rollingnews