He Will Be Among Us


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg will meet three Irish members of an international committee targetting the spread of online misinformation in Dublin.

TDs Hildegarde Naughton, James Lawless, and Eamon Ryan of the International Grand Committee on Disinformation and Fake News will meet with the social media site’s founder tomorrow.

The Irish politicians will raise a number of concerns, including; the regulation of social media, transparency in political advertising and the safety of young people and vulnerable adults.

Mark Zuckerberg to meet with ‘fake news’ committee in Dublin (Breakingnews.ie)

Pic: Techmeme


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20 thoughts on “He Will Be Among Us

  1. dav

    why didn’t they send one of the Healy-Rae’s, for all they good that meeting zuck would do?

  2. Clampers Outside

    Take the Facebook App off your phone and just access it on a browser. You’ll end up using it a whole lot less.

    I did this, it worked for me… I didn’t want to delete my account, it can be handy. Nor was I a hyper-user who posts a few times a day, but I still wanted to use it less.
    I do find now that I use it way less, going weeks these days without even opening it.


    1. Rob_G

      Every single app on your phone is tracking you and monetising your daily routine; no point in deleting FB if you are still signed in to Android using your google account.

      Meh – I know all these companies are selling my data and following me around; tbh I probably consider it worth it for the utility that these apps provide.

        1. postmanpat

          There’s always a point to deleting FB. It hurts FB and sociopaths like dead eyed spurg spectrum Zukkerburg. Set duckduckgo as your homepage and your already 90% out of the net, Better than nothing. US and EU are locking down what used to be called the “free” internet because of the very problems FB and Twitter created and in doing so locked these guys into their dominant positions with no hope of real competition unless people simply turn their backs.

          1. rotide

            “Set duckduckgo as your homepage and your already 90% out of the net,”

            Oh you poor naive child.

          2. SOQ

            Oh dear. You are only 90% out of the profiled returns, Duck has exactly the same access to indexes.

            What pee’s me off is that if you are north of the border and profiling aside, Google will do everything it can to return UK wide results, including resetting Chrome on the fly. This is across all devices.

            And while we are on the subject of Chrome, with the advent of SSD, there is no notable difference between it and the other browsers because the SSD retrieval speed is so fast.

  3. eoin

    “Mark Zuckerberg will meet three Irish members ”

    TDs Hildegarde Naughton, James Lawless, and Eamon Ryan? Total members.

    1. dhaughton99

      Did you hear Hildegarde on the news at one on friday regarding the carbon tax? A deeply unpleasant woman. All in with the agenda.

  4. eoin

    And Matt Cooper? Is it true he had Sebastian Hamilton on last week on the Tonight TV show? Sebastian Hamilton of the Daily Mail group in Ireland. Was that his first appearance in the media (he used to be a regular on #Marian previously) since the publication of the Charleton Tribunal Report which concluded management and staff at the Mail had a strained relationship with the truth and public duty. Did Matt quiz Sebastian about any of that I wonder or was it just another reputation laundering event where those with questions to answer are unobtrusively reintroduced to polite society.

    1. Andrew

      Matt has a strained relationship with the truth. He lost credibility years ago. Have you listened to his radio show lately? It’s truly dreadful stuff. I used to have a bit of time for Matt as well.

  5. f_lawless

    I would have thought, in light of how the “Russiagate” misinformation affair was uncritically disseminated for the last 2+ years by establishment media channels, that it’s a perfect example of how the whole approach of seeking to “regulate social media” is misguided at best, if not underhanded. The only way forward, I think, should be a campaign to promote greater critical thinking skills – and all forms of media should come under scrutiny.

    1. SOQ

      You rush to assume disinformation why? Because the report never found his finger prints is it? We don’t even know that yet ffs.

      Trump may make America great again except- perhaps not his definition of ‘Great’. But, at now 73 he’ll be dead by then, in a grave which will be the same size as that for the rest of us.

    2. Nigel

      I am sorry are you saying that it was misinformation to report that Trump was being investigated? I’m sure Trump would have preferred the media to ignore it, but he’s the guy in power and he talked about it often enough. Mind you if it turns out there was no investigation at all that’s going to be pretty mind boggling.

  6. SOQ

    Anyways back to this clown.

    Everything kept building and building until we need governmental help now is it? Start with the contracted workers who stare at visuals in Dublin Mark, employed by third parties on buttons so Facebook has no legal redress.

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