“John Delaney Could Run Anything”


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Independent.ie will run a ‘behind-the-scenes’ documentary, hosted by Barry Egan, about FAI chief executive John Delaney from Sunday.

The documentary, called John The Baptist, will feature Denis O’Brien who pays 70 per cent of Ireland football manager Martin O’Neill and assistant manager Roy Keane’s wages, or €910,000 of their combined €1.3million wages.

In it, Mr O’Brien praises Delaney’s running of the FAI, which recently secured a debt write-down of €11.7million.

“John Delaney could run anything. John Delaney could run UEFA easily. He could run FIFA as far as I’m concerned — certainly better than [FIFA President] Sepp Blatter, and more honestly.”

Right so.

And sure he’s great craic too.

Coming soon: John The Baptist (Independent.ie)

H/T: Balls.ie

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27 thoughts on ““John Delaney Could Run Anything”

  1. rotide

    He probably could run FIFA more honestly than Blatter but that isn’t saying much.

    Seriously though, While I have no opinion on Delaney either way, just because you don’t like O’Brien don’t tar other people with his brush which is what I’m assuming is going on here.

    1. Bobby

      I think it’s more that most people believe Delaney to be incompetent and /or corrupt and having O’Brien sing your praises isn’t going to stop that.

  2. V-Bomb

    He’s doing a great job.
    Games against Oman, which are nothing more than a meaningless excercise, had tickets going for as much as €75 had plenty of punters queuing up.
    And the job he’s doing with the league of Ireland is phenomenal.
    The winner of that league gets what? €70k?
    His salary is over a quarter of a million?

    Top bloke.

  3. General Waste

    If he’s John the Baptist, who’s the Salome of this story?

    And really, what a crass title considering the two beheading stories in the news this week

  4. K

    On the same day Delaney bought a round of drinks for a Poznan pub, Monaghan United went out of business. Their debts amounted to a couple of months worth of Delaney’s salary.

    But hey, at least he got the drinks in. Right?

  5. Bobsicle

    A country consistently slipping down the rankings who have to practically beg English players with irish grannies to play for us. A league which is just appalling to put it nicely (and with tickets being overpriced)

    Ye he’s doing a great job Dennis you’re right

    1. Popsicle

      Despite the FAI’s attempts to completely destroy the domestic league, it remains a competitive and entertaining (unlike leagues which are two horse races like Spain, England, Germany, et al) so you would need to re-consider your crass observation that it is appaling.

      with tickets being over-priced – are you for real? Ticket prices are great value, with Bray having a season ticket at €99 for example. Anyway, ticket prices are the remit of the clubs, rather than the FAI

  6. Del McG

    Yes, Dinny, that’s right… John Delaney is doing such a fine job of running the FAI that he can’t generate sufficient profit to pay our management team & has to go to you with the hand out (again!) just so we’re not stuck with Steve Staunton Mk II

      1. Titty O Toole McPenis

        Or Delaney sitting on Egans lap both laughing into the camera like a couple of giggling school girls

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