Meanwhile, In New York


Independent Senator Frances Black in New York to deliver today to UN delegates her Irish bill to prohibit trade with ‘occupied territories’ around the world.

In fairness.

Occupied Territories Bill?

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Meanwhile, Outside Leinster House

At The Seanad

42 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In New York

      1. bisted

        …you did have the chance to abolish the Seanad a few years back in a referendum but the majority voted to retain it…direct democracy…a peoples vote…

        1. millie st murderlark

          I voted to abolish actually. The promises of reform rang rather hollow to me.

          It was the sudden appearance of Frances Black in the Seannad which was the greater shock.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      And this all could have been abolished, but idiots wanted to give Inda and co a black eye!

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    Okay, I now learn that she is an addiction counsellor, no longer a singer. I also discover that she campaigned for alcohol not to be sold next to nappies in supermarkets. With that grasp on global politics, how is she a fuppin senator? What makes her qualified to present this bill?

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        Well, according to Frances Black when interviewed about her choosing a political career she believed “that she didn’t actually need to know a lot about politics to get in there”. I disagree strongly. I think the Senate demands more educated people and less chancers.

          1. Spaghetti Hoop

            Fair enough. I guess she can learn on the job. I just fear that people with less of a work ethic and no political experience will aspire to the Senate for the craic or for the jollies.

        1. Boules

          I agree that both houses need less chancers but I would rather a politician with moral fortitude over an educated schemer any day. Frances is doing alright in my book.

        2. Daisy Chainsaw

          The Seanad can demand it, but the reality is that it’s filled with cronies, failed TDs, wannabees and Ronan Mullen.

  2. Iwerzon

    Fair play to Senator Black – she has worked hard to get this bill this far against the Government and the Zionist lobby. Maith Thú agus ádh mór!

  3. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    If I were her, I’d finish every speech with “a whack fol dee doo fol dee diddley idle DAYYYYYYY”.

    1. scottser

      and a wink – it would mean nothing without a wink. and for special occasions, a wee jump and click heels.

    1. eoin

      Certain cohorts in the US are poo-scared Ireland’s boycott of goods from “illegally occupied” (as determined by the United Nations) territories will catch on.

      1. rotide

        I’m sure they might start to think about starting to be scared if Ireland actually had a boycott in place

        1. johnny

          yeah which is why failed editor the in house press covering the UN just had big piece on it-duh!

          “While the Irish government told PassBlue that it does not support a parliamentary Occupied Territories Bill banning the trade of Israeli-settlement products, it could cost it votes from other nations, notably from the US, a tight ally of Israel.

          The bill, which does not refer to a specific country, has been proposed by opposition parties in Ireland, and though the government is against it, Ireland now has a minority government, and the bill passed the Senate and the next stage of the legislative process. The bill is currently in a phase of legislative scrutiny. The government will use this phase to highlight the legal problems and costs associated with the bill, said a press officer for the Irish mission to the UN.

          The press officer added that while the government is opposing the bill for “legal and political reasons, support for it in the Irish parliament is a sign of the deep concern in Ireland at the continued seizure by Israel of Palestinian land for Israeli settlements, contrary to international law, which is seriously endangering the prospects for peace. The Irish Government shares this concern, and itself firmly opposes all settlement construction, as all EU governments do.”

        1. rotide

          very droll, Don’t worry it is noted for the next time you start parroting the Noraid party line

          1. johnny

            (since 1988 its been know as Friends of Sinn Fein)

            ps-“Noraid” was hugely supportive of the GFA and many say highly instrumental and effective in the States at moving the dial.

          2. rotide

            Oh really?

            Will you set the blinkered historically inaccurate morons* on me?

            *otherwise known as Noriad rank and file.

          3. johnny

            Ro-its 2019 they all dead by now, the ’80’s are over-the GFA just celebrated 20 years,you’re stuck in the past man-come join us in 2019-your referencing organizations that don’t and haven’t existed for decades.

          4. rotide

            After wandering around a tent showing corporate videos of masked paramiliitaries ‘keeping peace on the streets of occupied Eireann’* and having a bucked of money shoved in my face for ‘the glorious struggle’ by an idiot 4th generation irish american, I reserve the right to call them whatever I want.

            *actual quote

          5. johnny

            OMG Ro-there’s no pictures of me i hope, with my mucky wellies,flat cap and few front teeth missing, sucking on a unfiltered Woodbine shoving the IRA money bucket in peoples faces:)
            Meanwhile, in the real world Irish entrepreneurs in LA,own and operate hot restaurants like Laurel Hardware and Ysabel-with no Noraid buckets!
            Ro-its 2019 that ‘Ireland’ or ‘Irish America” is long dead and gone-its akin to saying the Healy-Rae family are representative of Ireland,although I did notice more than a whiff of sweaty polyester team jerseys,cabbage and potatoes of ya Ro:)

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