John Delaney celebrates after the Republic of Ireland’s victory in a playoff between Estonia and Ireland in 2011

He’s a man of two halves.

Via Eddie Mahon in the Derry Journal:

The overall accusation seems to be that he’s too clever by half but, when you consider that he’s had to cross swords with the toxic crooks at UEFA and FIFA, that’s certainly no bad thing. Our paths have crossed twice – once on a wider issue, and once more personally.

The wider issue was Derry City’s ‘double contract’ trouble in 2009 when we were within an ace of being dumped out of football altogether and it was only Delaney’s good offices and huge influence which saved our bacon.

Then there was the time when big Shane Duffy was worried about his Republic of Ireland future after an incident in a Liverpool bar in which he was an innocent party. Although he was in America at the time, the FAI man rang me back immediately to assure Shane of his full support in the matter.


John Delaney’s a victim of long standing media vendetta (Eddie Mahon, Derry Journal)

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Pic: AFP

15 thoughts on “Alternatively

  1. Sgt Bilko

    It’s unfair to condemn a guy for being a puller of strokes, says happy stroke recipient.

    1. Sgt Bilko

      “Although he was in America at the time, the FAI man rang me back immediately…”

      I mean, how in the name of Zeus could an organisation’s CEO, with generous expenses, trapped in the deepest, most barbarous wilds of… (checks notes) Amerikay, be expected to return a telephone call? He must have moved heaven and Earth to achieve this stupendous act.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    And that should halt any questions then, should it?
    A plea from the recipient of favours.

  3. John G

    It’s possible to sort out Derry City, Shane Duffy and deal with UEFA and FIFA without being dodgy. Shocker.

    Somebody who’s not dodgy might be able to do all the same good things without the rest.

  4. Dan

    So Delany pulled a stroke for a club that shouldnt be in LOI. I’ll revise my opinion of the man so.

  5. Curated by Vanessa for Frilly Keane

    I’ve recorded many thoughts on Delaney and the FAI
    Governance and Accounts etc here lately
    From under my day job hat

    But nothing about my own meeting with JD

    At an event locally in Crumlin
    Crumlin United FC
    I was asked to present trophy’s
    Give a bitta’ve speech

    John rocked up
    And was great company
    And great support

    He was totally at home
    There at Grassroots level
    And hung around and had the chat
    And actually shared a great story about two TDs fighting over who was to present medals at a thing
    He even agreed to do a slot

    There was no airs and graces or
    Do you know who I am behaviour

    I just wanted to disclose my own personal experience of the man
    And I can honestly say that it is no surprise that lads at Club level are rallying around him

    1. Charlie

      I was at a game in Poland during the Euros and he appeared at a local the fans had commandeered. Bought a drink for everyone and seemed a good chap. Just sayin

      1. martco

        so what you’re saying @Charlie is he bought ye a rake of pints with your own money. yeah top bloke.

        1. Charlie

          A rake? No, just the one. Of course it was his own money, sure he took it from his own sock.

      2. realPolithicks

        If you think he spent his own money then I have this lovely bridge you might be interested in…

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