Nomadic off-roaders Brice and Irina Bader of Wild Fennec showcase their custom-adapted, super ergonomic Land Rover Defender, which – at the press of a button – transforms from vehicle to ingenious miniature home for two (and a half) in under a minute.

The couple are hoping to mass market the adaptation.


4 thoughts on “Wild Rovers

  1. postmanpat

    Good luck! As if Irish Land Rover posers would ever bring their status symbol anywhere where mud might touch it. Land rovers have the most polished body work in the country. Don’t believe me? check out the spotless shiny finish next time your stuck behind one in traffic.

    1. Rep

      Not where I live, they’re not. Driven by farmers through their fields. Seem to take half the field back with them.

      Are you thinking of range rovers? Doubt any range rover has even seen a field.

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