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NaturalVision Evolved – the latest and most impressive of many mods applied to Grand Theft Auto V in the seven years since its release.

Optimising modern graphics chipsets, the mod – which you can support here, should you feel inclined – upgrades shades, textures, models, and rendering throughout, resulting in a near filmic experience


Nomadic off-roaders Brice and Irina Bader of Wild Fennec showcase their custom-adapted, super ergonomic Land Rover Defender, which – at the press of a button – transforms from vehicle to ingenious miniature home for two (and a half) in under a minute.

The couple are hoping to mass market the adaptation.


Behold: the Carlex Mercedes-Benz X-Class 6×6 – a reworked six-wheel drive version of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class pickup with (in addition to the extra axle) flared rims, super-wide wheels, lowered suspension, front and rear winches, less evidence of the shared Nissan Navara chassis platform but clear evidence of steroid abuse.

Dubbed the ‘Monster X’ (and still in the design phase) it’s intended for use as a race track safety car.


Behold: an icon of the 1980s reimagined for the 21st century: the Amos Lancia Delta Futurista.

Essentially, a Lancia Delta Integrale (a road-going successor to the infamous Lancia Delta S4 group B rally car) modified by former driver Eugenio Amos’s Automobili Amos with hand-hammered aluminium and carbon fibre body panels, a new engine, new chassis and drivetrain modifications.

Yours for about €300,000.


Behold: the twin turbodiesel, V8 Patriot Campers LC200 Supertourer – an Outback/zombie apocalypse-ready 200 Series Toyota Landcruiser – heavily modified by Australian company Patriot Campers with upgraded suspension, an extended, customisable cargo bed, offroad wheels and fore and aft winches.

Yours for a dusty €103,000.


Behold: the 1965 Porsche 356 ‘Outlaw’ – a modified version of the 356C – the last version of Porsche’s first production car, subsequently replaced by the 911.

This special one-off has upgraded suspension, wheels, brakes and xenon lights that bring a modern driving experience to a classic chassis.

Love it, hate it or buy it for around €93,000.