John Moynes by Alan O’Regan

Last month, while celebrating 1,500 Limericks a Day from the pen of John Moynes – making him Ireland’s most prolific published poet – we asked you to send your best wishes in verse.

The following each win a copy of John’s debut volume of poetry, Scenes Of Moderate Violence which is published on April 18 (see below).

A prolific poet called Moynes
Picked up his pen and girded his loins
Wrote a Limerick per day
which the ‘sheet did display
and often the reader rejoins!


A prolific poet called Moynes,
Picked up his pen and girded his loins,
“I will shoot from the hip,
and I will not give a jip,”
Said the prolific poet called Moynes


A prolific poet called Moynes,
Picked up his pen and girded his loins,
With each rise of the sun,
He Limericked and spun,
A career from an online sojourn.


A prolific poet called Moynes,
Picked up his pen and girded his loins,
Now that is quite heinous
It’s a pen not a penis
That metaphallic aesthetic of groins.


prolific poet called Moynes,
Grabbed his pen and girded his loins.
He’s the ‘sheet’s five-line-truther,
Forsooth there’s none smoother,
(Though, at times one can *just* see the joins).

Gary Flood

Scenes Of Moderate Violence is the debut poetry collection from John.

Written between 2013 and 2016 it depicts a “world recovering from economic turmoil and then collapsing into fear and despair”. There is also a bit about a time travelling cowboy who can recite two poems at once.

One FREE copy to the first person to spot artist Alan O’Regan’s signature in John’s portrait ( top).

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23 thoughts on “Moynesday

        1. Paulus

          Not to worry; I know that, as the clock shows our times to be the same, typical BS magnanimity will award us both a copy!!

          1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            John must be euphoric to see this particular tangent on the thread celebrating his work.

          2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            “End”? “Relationship”? So many questions. We can discuss them during our next secret rendezvous.

  1. Brother Barnabas

    yeah, congratulations, john – all the best with it + looking forward to it

    (aside – i do know what “debut poetry collection from John” means, but i’m almost sure i remember mention on BS of a collection from john before. no?)

        1. Nigel

          Ta! Actually, the competition was a lovely outpouring of affection for the Balladeer of Broadsheet.

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